Exclusive Premiere – Melbourne’s William Kiss set to release debut EP with Made in Paris’ label Upon Access

Artist: William Kiss
Label: Upon Access
Release Date: 5 July
Format: Digital
​Beatport Pre-order: https://www.beatport.com/release/black-sky/2038832

Releasing previously on Recovery Collective, Oxytech and Cornicello Records prior, Made in Paris and Upon Access welcomes Melbourne’s William Kiss to the label with the upcoming July release of his 2 track EP ‘Black Sky’.

The title track delivers a dark, raw composition of surging stabs sway erratically, following their own unpredictable tempo. Black Sky truly shines, however, during its moody breakdown, through to the intense and sudden re entry. Truly a peak time rumbler.

The deep, rolling bassline behind Revival is contrasted by its rigid percussive elements, persistently evolving as it tirelessly reaches it’s stripped back, ethereal climax making an entirely form fitting compliment to its pioneer.


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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.