Exclusive Premiere: Mikey Lion “Your Bad Self”

California-based DJ, producer and co-founder of the iconic Desert Hearts Festival, Mikey Lion, is set to release his latest single “Your Bad Self” June 14th. This highly anticipated track drops just two weeks before the annual Desert Hearts Festival, promising fans a fresh anthem to kickstart the festival summer. After mesmerizing fans and fellow artists alike with his last single “Good Times”, he continues the mission to bring upbeat music to the world.” Your Bad Self” is a testament to Mikey’s growth and evolution as an artist as the single encapsulates the vibrant energy and infectious rhythms that have become synonymous with his name, while smooth vocals and levitating synths create an electric vibe.

Mikey Lion’s mission is to spread love and positivity through his music, a vision that has grown into the globally renowned Desert Hearts Festival and record label. With the release perfectly timed ahead of the festival, Mikey Lion delivers a dynamic track that reflects his journey as an artist and the essence of the Desert Hearts spirit. “Your Bad Self” is set to be the must-hear of the summer, bringing together the global dance community in a celebration of love, music, and unity.

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