Exclusive Premiere: Salomea – Tongues

‘Conversations’ is a project inspired by the global lack of and need for meaningful dialogue and true empathy. ‘Conversations’ questions and reassess creativity, gender, representation, and community through a series of dialogues and the multidisciplinary creations these ensued.

At a turning point in her career and kept awake by existential questions and musings on the future, Rebekka Ziegler aka Salomea, invites three celebrated female creatives to share thoughts on their own experiences and journeys. Salomea’s idea is to create a safe space for mutual growth, a space where the dialogue is open, honest and free, unrestricted by day-to-day pressures and the shoulds and shouldn’ts of the creative industry. “These are women I deeply respect. I did my research on their work. I didn’t want to stick to the script we – artists, women – get asked all the time,” says Salomea. Over three long sessions-turned-to-podcasts, performance artist, dancer and writer Sophie-Yukiko, directress Svenja Trierscheid and fashion & jewelry designer Luise Zücker – previously all strangers to Salomea – open up to the singer about everything from the personal to the political, questioning the very idea of community and creativity in today’s world. The discussions carry on, online and eventually off, evolving from words over to music, fashion, video and dance. The recorded dialogues between the women become the raw material for lyrics by Salomea on three new tracks.

“Find your people, your community, and do what you can to be safe and content and to do good. It will need resilience. It will need complaining. And then it will need action. I was struck by Sophie Yukiko’s story, her precise language and her insights into Ballroom Culture past and present. Our Conversations were foundations for this warmer yet edgy hymn.” – Salomea

‘Tongues’ is a second single off the upcoming EP. The track is a contemporary R’n’B ballad, combining James-Blake-vibe with deep, gospel-like vocal arrangements, trap drums, poetic songwriting and outstanding, modern production through and through. The lyrics and topic of the track are based on the conversation between singer Salomea and dancer Sophie Yukiko.

‘Tongues’ a second single off Salomea’s upcoming EP, ‘Conversations’ is out now!

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!