Exclusive Premiere: Tijuana – Groove Is In The Air (Rhythm Design Mix) – Bedrock Frequencies LP

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Bedrock Frequencies (Curated by John Digweed)
Label: Bedrock
Released: 14th July 2017
Formats: Deluxe 3xCD / Digital / 3×12” Vinyl / Pre-Order available here
Genre: House / Progressive / Techno

‘Bedrock Frequencies’ curated by John Digweed consists of 3 discs showcasing 31 exclusive tracks from some of Bedrock’s favourite artists, alongside exciting collaborations, label debuts, and some wonderful re-interpreted classics from the label’s illustrious back catalogue. Across the 3 distinctive sections – ‘Low’, ‘Mid’, ‘High’- ‘Frequencies’ provides a snapshot of a perfect Bedrock party, in the form of yet another musical masterclass from the Bedrock boss as he takes the listener on an unrivalled, evolving journey from start to finish with his immaculate selections.

The album features spectacular exclusives from Emerson, Digweed & Muir’s collaborative project, the legendary Robert Babicz, and supremely talented label regulars Guy J, Stelios Vassiloudis and BOg. But, as with all the best compilations, it’s also about featuring amazing music and giving a platform to up and coming artists, reaching across continents to fully represent the truly global nature of today’s thriving scene. There’s a delicious label debut from rising Indonesian artist Lily Pita; Thailand’s most prominent underground techno DJ, Nakadia, teams up with the mischievous dark prince, Lee Van Dowski; a sublime cultural fusion of western electronics and eastern melodic sensibility from Brooklyn-based Israeli Etai Tarazi. ‘Frequencies’ welcomes the respected Pacha resident DJ Alex Kennon, whose genre-bending creativity sits perfectly here; there’s two melodic masterpieces from Italian duo Fideles; rising star Lehar, from Diynamic’s impeccable roster, is on remix duty; there’s the super-intricate swing of Joris Biesmans. Bournemouth-based Lee Williams makes his Bedrock debut; whilst hotly-tipped French duo Tim Baresko & Clyde P, channel the spiritual vibe of a nascent 1987 Chicago house scene with their cleverly acidic ‘Throwback’. Most South Africans know Diamond Dealer as the DJ from Bloemfontein, where he started his career, playing deep African house music in the heart of the townships. His stunning Bedrock debut, the bass-heavy, rhythmically infectious ‘Little Hungry Monster’, and his hugely impressive acidic interpretation of Emerson, Digweed & Muir’s ‘Tracer’, will undoubtedly turn heads worldwide.

Toronto’s classically trained Glenn Morrison, Tokyo’s richly imaginative Satoshi Fumi, and Germany’s brotherly duo Monkey Safari, all make highly impressive returns to the label. But, interestingly, it’s the strength of the numerous collaborative studio partnerships that is perhaps even more revealing. There’s an incredible Latino Detroit fusion of styles from Vancouver-based Andromo, who joins forces with much respected USA scene stalwart Chris Fortier. ‘This Just Then’ marks this duo out as a future creative force to be reckoned with. The excellent production tag teams keep on coming: Austria’s Philipp Straub joins forces with Sweden’s Charlie Thostenson; Germany’s collaborative kingpin, Nils Nuernberg, teams up with Stelios Vassiloudis; Germany’s multitasking maestro Martin Eyerer with fellow countryman and techno-meister Patrick Chardronnet; then there’s BOg and Cologne’s Tim Engelhardt. Yet another bright new star on the techno horizon is Holland’s Rob Hes, who joins up with the up-and-coming LAAT to raise the techno temperature on CD3 to new heights with their intense ‘Perseverance’.

When you’ve got such rich and illustrious back catalogue containing unrivalled classics, to revisit at appropriate moments in time and reinterpret for a new generation, it’s no wonder that ‘Frequencies’ reveals some very special surprises. The recently formed Rhythm Design duo provide a masterful, soaring, percussion fuelled update of the 2001 Bedrock classic ‘Groove Is In The Air’ by Tijuana. Who better than Belfast’s magnificent Montel to remix another classic from 2001, Phil ‘Moonface’ Thompson’s ‘U Get So Give’ into a full-on techno beast? Saving the best until last, ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ (a truly legendary Bedrock track and the label’s 9th release back in 2000 courtesy of Saints & Sinners), receives what can only be described as a career high point remix from the supremely talented Tel Aviv-based electronic musician and DJ, Guy Mantzur. A finale is rarely as impressive in quality as this, but since perfection from beginning to end is John Digweed’s trademark, it is quite simply always what is expected from Bedrock.

CD1 – Low
01. Emerson, Digweed & Muir – Fanfare – Stelios Vassiloudis Ambient Mix
02. Lily Pita – Run Away – Dub
03. Andromo & Chris Fortier – This Just Then
04. Philipp Straub & Charlie Thostenson – Miracle of Existence
05. BOg – 0901 – Lehar Remix
06. Joris Biesmans – New House
07. Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg – Smoke Tree
08. Tijuana – Groove Is In The Air – Rhythm Design Remix
09. Fideles – Flying Dishes
10. Jamie Anderson – Event Horizon – Satoshi Fumi Remix
11. Emerson, Digweed & Muir – Tracer – Nick Muir Reprise

CD2 – Mid
01. Glenn Morrison – End of Days – Melodic Dub Mix
02. Etai Tarazi – Horizontal Dance
03. BOg & Tim Engelhardt – Scene 1
04. Robert Babicz – I Feel You
05. Alex Kennon – Sintesi
06. Lee Van Dowski & Nakadia – Petro Sys
07. Guy J – Temperament
08. Diamond Dealer – Little Hungry Monster
09. Fideles – Unreal
10. Monkey Safari – Oxy

CD3 – High
01. Emerson, Digweed & Muir – Fanfare – Stelios Vassiloudis Remix
02. Martin Eyerer & Patrick Chardronnet – Frequencies
03. Alex Kennon – Sensual
04. Lee Williams – Afterglow – Nick Muir Edit
05. BOg – Scorpi
06. Emerson, Digweed & Muir – Tracer – Diamond Dealer Remix
07. Tim Baresko & Clyde P – Throwback
08. Moonface – U Get So Give – Montel Remix
09. Rob Hes & LAAT – Perseverance
10. Saints & Sinners – Pushin Too Hard – Guy Mantzur Remix

Bedrock – Frequencies – Album Mini-Mix Preview

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