Exclusive Premiere – under_score – Keep On [Whartone Deep]

When a musician decides to shed his cast and become unknown once again, it is not at the cost of his personality, experience or belief system. After all, you don’t always need to get lost first to try out a different path. But by re-entering the world as a formless, unrecognisable entity that can move with freedom and without limitations, DJ and producer under_score is now able to follow a fee-flowing path, guided only by his instincts and desires. Devoid of context and therefore impervious to discourse, under_score will only be defined by his music. He is his sound and his sound does the talking for him.

Far from being stripped of identity, under_score’s music comes fully loaded with character and personality. It is in the many contradictions and complexities throughout his music where his charisma shines through. Futuristic but with a vintage sheen; sparse yet layered and melodic though driving, his output is littered with immeasurable nuances that always keep the listener guessing. His wide-ranging musical pallet is clear to hear, as are his deft production skills behind the desk. But the reasons he decides to travel in any direction remains unclear and sound all the better for it. Never try to catch the faceless man; you will never know what you are looking for.

With an already established discography of releases on Rejected, Great Stuff and Food Music the mysterious monikor of under_score joins Sonny Wharton’s label Whartone Deep for the release of his new 2 track E.P.

under_score – Keep On
under_score – I Need It

Release dates:
Traxsource exclusive 16th December
Beatport, iTunes, Spotify 30th December

With thanks to our friends at Whartone Records:

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