Exclusive Premiere: Urgula – Caustic Manifest(o) (Album)

Bricolage’s third release of the year comes from Urgula. Following on from his much-lauded “Frequency Wars” EP on the label back in 2020, Urgula returns to Bricolage with his first full-length release in the form of “Caustic Manifest(o)”.

An album inspired in part by Italian Futurism, the dark and hypnotic soundscapes on show here give privy to the idea of traversing through galaxies, planets and moons. We launch from Earth and are propelled upwards into orbit and beyond with a cluster of dystopian bleeps and alien-like atmospherics that teleport us into a hyperspace soundtrack of serrated percussion, spiralling modular tones and extraterrestrial sound design.

1. Negative Mode (Original Mix)
2. Arrakis (Original Mix)
3. Emission Line (Original Mix)
4. Ion Chamber (Original Mix)
5. Flow State (Original Mix)
6. Scalar Projection (Original Mix)
7. Kosmos 148 (Original Mix)
8. Transient Node (Original Mix)
9. Haptic (Original Mix)
10. Island of Stability (Original Mix)

Listen to the full album HERE

Pre-Order/Buy “Caustic Manifest(o)” HERE

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