Exclusive Video Premier – Airbas & Mavee ‘Avilo (PlayaDemBossa Mood)’ VillaHangar

‘Avilo (PlayaDemBossa Mood)’ is the product of 2 creative forces coming together, as hotly tipped leaders of the Italian new school, Airbas & Mavee, make their first collaboration with absolutely stunning results! ‘Avilo (PlayaDemBossa Mood)’ is adorned with contemporary Tech sensibilities, but positions itself in the world of the beautifully balearic, coloured with gorgeous melodies, Latin tinged undercurrents and emotional piano hooks, that create a soothing musical hug.

Roberto Sant – aka Airbas, is a DJ / producer who hails from the north of Italy and has been writing and recording since 2012. After a childhood immersed in piano playing, Airbas’ musical roots grew out of the electronic and techno music culture of the early 90s. His musical style is a blend of typical electronic beats mixed up with fresh, contemporary grooves that fuse everything from electro-pop, NU Disco, to Deep and Tech-House sounds. Airbas recently signed productions with Prison Entertainment, Emotive Sounds, Belove Records, Crumpled Music and VillaHangar.

Italian DJ / Producer Matteo Saverio Cacciola who records under the guises Mavee or Matt Sawyer was Born in Calabria, Italy. After graduating from High School he moved to Milan and there he began to collaborate with maestro Raffaele Cacciola, perfectioning his knowledge and techniques in the classical and chamber music fields. From 2008 he plays in the Milan club circuit (The Club, Byblos, Divina, Tocqueville13, Old Fashion). Mavee draws his influence from House scene of the 90s with a sound that is a mix of old school and electronica and his productions and remixes have been released on labels such as E-Lab Records, Area94, Molto Recordings. His recent releases include ‘Tomorrow’ ft Maria Agneli (VillaHangar Records) and ‘B.O.H.’ On Top Town Records.

Track Listing
1 ‘Avilo (PlayaDemBossa Mood)’

‘Avilo (PlayaDemBossa Mood)’ will be released on December 27th 2016 on VillarHangar Records.

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