Exclusive Video Premiere Stavroz – Kick Up the Dust

Finding harmony between the different instruments and personalities in a band is no easy feat. The Belgium band Stavroz has not only found it, but they’ve turned this fine balancing act into their biggest strength – both on stage and studio. Prior to 2014, Stavroz had been a DJ duo composed of friends IJsbrand De Wilde and Gert Beazar, but it was after Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Meester joined in that their sound truly flourished into the acoustic and jazz-infused strain of electronica they became world-renowned for.

Their EP The Ginning represented a breakthrough for the foursome, showcasing their ability to combine all four members’ diverse backgrounds in punk, blues, minimal techno and world music not only in coherent but truly intimate and sensuous sound journeys. Stavroz has been on an upwards trajectory since, releasing chart-topping new material and collecting accolades, gracing international stages such as those of Coachella and Fusion Festival, and even launching their own label, Moodfamily. This year they’re ready to shake up the music scene once again with a new release. With their EP, Kick Up The Dust, Stavroz brings to the table an array of fresh ideas, languages and tonalities – from Brazilian-sung vocals to jazzy duduk – in a warm and stripped-back journey that reminds listeners that it’s this vibrant yet harmonious exchange which makes this band so special after all. 

“We like to use the metaphor of a vehicle,” says Stavroz, “some of us hold the steering wheel, others are the fuel, there’s those who keep the vehicle from falling apart, someone’s the engine…”. If the band functions as a vehicle, then Stavroz would be one hell of a smooth ride. The same can be said of Kick Up The Dust – it’s got punch, swag, and surprise but there are no bumps on the road.

The EP’s title track flows from hard techno beats and wailing synths to middle-eastern inspired trumpets and climaxing percussions with astonishing naturality – as if these varying sound worlds all belonged to the same landscape and were being taken in from the passenger seat of the Stavroz convertible.

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STAVROZ – Tour dates: 

01.09 Phoenix, AZ, United States

02.09 Denver, CO, United States

06.09 Cambridge, MA, United States

08.09 Brooklyn, NY, United States

09.09 Washington, DC, United States

14.09 Montreal, QC, Canada

15.09 Toronto, ON, Canada

17.09 Chicago, IL, United States

23.09 London, United Kingdom

05.10 Maastricht, Netherlands

06.10 Amsterdam, Netherlands

07.10 Rotterdam, Netherlands

12.10 Portland, OR, United States

13.10 Vancouver, BC, Canada

14.10 Seattle, WA, United States

19.10 San Francisco, CA, United States

20.10 Los Angeles, CA, United States

21.10 San Diego, CA, United States

EP “Kick Up The Dust” Release date: 01.12.2023

Watch their Cercle performance below