Explore London’s music history and streets with a new app

Did you know that the kebab shop around the corner was Amy Winehouse’s favourite, or that Stormzy worked at that hardware store you pass every day? London streets are full of music history, from where David Bowie learned mime to Kate Bush’s karate studio, and where the Beatles first met the Stones. 

Now you can explore it, instantly.

Singing Streets is the first and only comprehensive music location app for London, with 1,700 locations and more than a hundred self-guided walking tours available on your phone. From Bromley to Bloomsbury and Soho to Stratford, all of London is covered, not just the places often associated with music.

Singing Streets also works even if you’re not located in London. Planning a trip, or researching a band? You can explore the locations associated with your favourite artists, view over 1,000 exclusive photos, uncovering how the layers of London’s music history entwine.

Singing Streets is now available for iOS on the Apple App Store.

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