Expressive E’s MPE-compatible Osmose synth is finally available for shipping

Expressive E has announced that Osmose, its expressive polyphonic synth, is finally shipping. Early adopters have started to receive their units, and pre-orders for the next batch are now being taken.

Osmose promises the benefits of an MPE controller in a familiar keyboard form factor, the theory being that this will enable existing players to get good results without having to adapt their technique too much. You get three dimensions of control on every single key, enabled by the patented AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action) technology.

Use intuitive gestures to control this standalone synth and upgrade your playing and production skills. Press, bend, shake, strum and more to interact with keyboards and electronic sounds in a new organic way. Whether you’re a veteran keyboardist, a workflow-oriented producer, a daring sound designer, or anything in between, Osmose will take your music to uncharted places.

To celebrate Osmose’s release, Expressive E has created a series of artist videos with the likes of Flying Lotus, AR Rahman, Jean-Michel Jarre, Mike Dean, Cory Henry, André Manoukian and Tarik Azzouz. You can check out the videos with Tarik Azzouz and A.R. Rahman below.

Expressive E is committing to a $1.799/€1,799 retail price for Osmose. It comes with 500 presets that are suitable for use in multiple genres.

You can find out more information and order Osmose HERE.

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