The extraordinary world of South Africa’s magical electronic music scene

When thinking about electronic music festival meccas, Cape Town is probably not the first city that comes to mind. Situated beautifully between mountains and oceans the city has a lot to offer. The scenery, wildlife and dramatic history combined with sun, long beaches and fairly low prices have made it to a place high on the “must visit-list”, gaining a steadily growing stream of tourists each year. And now it is time for the city to put itself on the electronic music map as well.

Established in 2006, Kinky Disco is one of the original initiators to bring electronic music to South Africa and has since then played an important part in spreading their passion for music. Through their events, they encourage both local talent and present a wide selection of international artists to their fans. As the scene has grown, so has the crew, and today you are met by a small group of people working together to make these festivals happen, taking turns and assisting each other in all aspects of the organizational tasks day and night. As such, there is a very family-like vibe when meeting with the crew members, and they all radiate a true love for the music they are working with.

Kinky Disco was one of the first promoters in Cape Town to do events in this style, and they continue to put a lot of effort into getting the best venues for their events and continuously develop light and decoration. Upon arrival at the festival, the first thing that struck me was that I don’t know any other place in the world where this setting would be possible. About an hour and a half from Cape Town they had built a massive stage on a grass area next to the beach.

To the one side, the mountains were rose high behind the DJ, to the other side the beach and ocean beamed in the sunlight behind the dancers. Not only had they built a huge stage with an impressive light concept mapping it, but also the sound system and other technical assets were of high quality. In addition to the music, there was a big bar, an own brewery wagon serving Namibian beer, a small fashion shop and multiple food stands serving everything from Pizza to Burritos and last but not least a coffee stand serving exquisite coffee and snacks. In other words, the location, out there in the middle of nowhere, offered everything your heart can desire.

A perfect setting to enjoy 14 hours of deep house, tech house and techno, all of it only possible due to a very dedicated and hardworking crew.

Just how big electronic music actually has become in Cape Town, I got a glimpse of when checking what else was going on over the weekend. Over the course of the nights, there was a wide range of possibilities varying between bigger events such as the Kinky Disco festival where Andreas Henneberg was headlining, to club events featuring a mix between local artists and international names such as Rampa and Rampue.

There is no doubt in my mind that this would have been a highlight of anyone’s travel diary. To every adventurous music lover, the combination of people, scenery, food, drinks and high-quality events for sure makes it worthwhile checking out Cape Town as a possible next travel destination.

About the Author

Living, loving and breathing music, Betty, or Beth Lydi, has immersed herself completely in all the areas of electronic music. Running her own label at the same time as managing some of the biggest labels in the industry, travelling the world as a DJ, and writing about music for well-known magazines within the scene, the born Norwegian does exactly what she loves. Based in Berlin, she is a workaholic with a butterfly image.