Fabien Barrau uses drone photography to show how cities might appear after a climate apocalypse

Named ‘News From the Future’, the series of images depict famous architectural landmarks in places such as Paris, Rome, New York and London submerged beneath waves or smothered in desert sands.

For each composition, the artist combines drone photography and stock images to imagine how future generations of climate-apocalypse survivors might explore the ruins of major cities hundreds of years from now.

Barrau’s cinematic photomontages draw inspiration from his favourite works of post-apocalyptic fiction.

“I try to imagine what would happen in the event of desertification, the rise of the oceans or the tropicalization of a region.” – Fabien Barrau

Barrau states that the dramatic images are intended as a “call to action”.

“My motivation for this series was how to influence awareness of climate change and the urgency to act every day according to one’s means and power. In my case, my little power is to create images and imagine myself as an explorer who will return from the future with photos of a changed world. I remain convinced that a simple image can have more impact on people, especially the youngest, to understand the probabilities of the consequences of inaction.” – Fabien Barrau

There is no doubt that the images are very striking and certainly do generate a reaction when viewed.

Source: dezeen.com

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