Fat Tony, Demi Rose and Tony Truman for ‘A Mental Session’ ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Popular figures from the music and entertainment industries have united ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, to talk candidly about their mental health challenges in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Each episode of the new video series A Mental Session offers a personal perspective on a different mental health issueMusic scene veterans DJ Fat Tony and O Beach co-owner, Tony Truman share their first-hand experiences of the psychological toll the party lifestyle can take. Model Demi Rose provides a heartfelt account of grief and the domino effect it can have on every aspect of your life. The six-part series, filmed in Ibiza, is the creation of mental health non-profits We are Hummingbird and PANIC LOVES COMPANY.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing heightened levels of anxiety, mental health is now more prevalent than ever. The number of callers to the charity SANE’s telephone helpline increased by 200 per cent since the beginning of lockdown, indicating new levels of desperation. Unchecked mental health also impacts the wider economy, costing UK employers £45 billion each year.*

PANIC THE MOTHER believes that everyone has a different approach to living with mental illness and thinks your attitude towards mental health could change someone’s life. The Essex fashion designer, who is mum to three lads and now living in Ibiza, founded PANIC LOVES COMPANY and co-hosts the honest and insightful discussions along with Ian Hurst, mental health first aid expert from We are Hummingbird. PANIC THE MOTHER, Ian and their guests speak candidly about their experiences and offer practical advice to other sufferers and those close to them.

The six videos featuring in A Mental Session will be live from 5th Sept here: https://www.wearehummingbird.com/a-mental-session 

5th Sept 

What is mental health and why does it affect all of us? With PANIC THE MOTHER and Ian Hurst, co-founder of We are Hummingbird.

6th Sept
Handling the many emotions that can come with parenting when suffering from mental health challenges and how to tackle it.

7th Sept
Drink, drugs, self-sabotaging behaviour. Ending the stigma of an “addict” and looking behind the behaviour plus how to get help.

8th Sept

Medication and the stigma attached to taking it, and the associated unwanted emotions.

9th Sept

Grief has no end point, there is no recovery just the skills to learn how to live again and what support is available.

10th Sept – World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

What drives suicidal thoughts and behaviours? Spotting the signs and the ripple effect on all those affected. How does it impact an organisation and what changes do we implement?

Ian Hurst, co-founder of We are Hummingbird, said: “How many times have you felt helpless, witnessing friends or family suffering with debilitating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or addiction and not known how to help? Now more than ever, there is a need to be able to identify the signs of when someone is struggling and take simple steps to help them. The impact suicide has on families is heart-breaking, the latest figures from the Samaritans sadly show there are 6,507 suicides in the UK a year with the highest rate among men aged 45-49.”

Ian continues “We very carefully selected these inspiring individuals to feature in A Mental Session series, as each of them has lived the challenging aspects of mental health first-hand. In providing a platform to share their stories, we are aiming to help others who might be going through similar things – and letting them know that they are not alone – there is always someone there to listen and provide support in a time of need.”

If you are in need of advice on mental health contact either of the following:



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