Tour Guide – Fernanda Martins picks her tour highlights of what was the first half of 2018

Fernanda Martins (Brazil/Spain) is a Techno & Hard Techno DJ considered nowadays as one of the biggest female names of the world’s Techno scene. This Brazilian DJ collects performances in many of the biggest and most important clubs, parties and festivals around the globe. She played in the main techno parties and clubs of her home country, and in more than thirty countries such as : Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Venezuela.

Owner of an amazing mix technique, and a great charisma, Fernanda is able to impress even the most experienced DJs when she is in action. Using cuts, scratches and efx’s she creates precise, detailed and ‘explosive’ mixes. Furthermore, her irreverent and fun way to communicate and connect with the crowd when she is on the decks is incredible.

Above all, Fernanda Martins is known by her excellent music selection. Since her beginnings, she experienced with different sub-genres of Techno music; from the most classical and underground sororities, going through dark, acid, melodic, deep and hard textures. Her skills when mixing allow her to explore the vast universe of Techno. But all her sets are, and will always be, filled with songs full of great energy and strong character. Whether playing the most powerful hard techno, or even, the most pure techno, Fernanda makes clear that she knows how to use all the flexibility and versatility that techno offers her.

Here is a brief summary of what was the first half of 2018 exclusively for Decoded Magazine.

13.01 Crkva Club – Rijeka, Croatia

For many years Croatia is one of my favourite countries to play; which always makes it very special when I know I have a new gig there. It was not my first time in Rijeka City, but it was my first visit to one of the new clubs in town, called Crkva. What a lovely night! The club was full packed and the crowd’s energy is something beyond!

24.01 Industrial Copera – Granada, Spain

There are many good things in Spain, and one of them is Industrial Copera. Every DJ who visited this club knows I’m telling the truth. January’s last gig was super special: All night long set on 4 decks with DJ Lucas Freire in this amazing club. A set in which we went through dark, acid, melodic, deep and hard techno textures.

17.02 Exit Club – Brno, Czech Republic

On that weekend I visited Pilzen on Friday and on Saturday I played at Exit Club in Brno. It was the first time I felt what a club party is like in that city, as all the time I visited Brno, I performed at Apokalypsa Festival. Great impression! It’s a small club and I loved that club’s atmosphere. Actually, I love to play in small clubs and be very very close to the crowd.

03.03 ECO Festival ¨Hard Techno Special¨ – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Just like Croatia, I love to play in Slovenia. All the Balkans countries are 100% fun guaranteed. ECO Festival ´Hard Techno Special¨ edition took place in Cvetličarna venue and, as the name says, was dedicated to the most powerful subgenre of Techno. And it was a full success!

10.03 Zul – Mioño, Spain

Zul is located in the North of Spain in a very small village, but this club could be a normal Techno Club of any capital. I just loved to play there! Amazing sound system, lights and most importantly; the crowd! It was one of those parties you want to stay till the end and enjoy together with them till the last beat, but unfortunately I had to run just after my set cause I had to make 300km journey to play in another club in central Spain. For the next gig in there I will be sure to have free time to enjoy more.

01.04 Pedra do Couto – Santo Tirso, Portugal

I love to play in Portugal. Yes, I’m Brazilian and somehow we feel more ¨at home¨ when we visit Portugal. Pedra do Couto club exceeded all my expectations. That week was a hard one, I’ve had the flu, and gigs in Berlin and Munich in the days before and I arrived in Portugal a bit tired, and honestly, I was not physically prepared to make a long set. But, when I arrived at Pedra do Couto and I saw ¨the party¨ that was going on… WOW! It was just amazing! Its impressive what the crowd’s energy can make for you.

07.04 Happy Techno Party @ City Hall – Barcelona, Spain

I have a quarterly residency at Happy Techno Party, a 6-year successful project that which promotes, in general, Techno House and groove Techno in Barcelona. Maybe I’m the most ¨underground¨ DJ who acts in this party, but it seems to be a good extra musical addition to their loyal weekly crowd. Every time I visit Happy Techno Party I go home with a smile on my face.

11.05 NB Club @ Coimbra, Portugal

I play very often in Portugal and this one was one of the best club parties I played in the last few months. NB Club is really nice and the crowd was really thirsty to listen some pounding techno music. What else a Techno DJ can ask for? If someone is interested to check how was the set that day, you can find the complete video of my set in here

12.05 OSI @ Guimarães, Portugal

In the next day I travelled more to the north of Portugal to visit again the crew and crowd of my favorite event in that region: OSI. Once again great event! What I really like in Portugal is that they love every kind of Techno, so in my last set at OSI I went for something a little bit different of what I did last time I showed up there: some more introspective techno mixed with some classic tunes, and in the end some more tough and solid tracks. Really enjoyable!

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