FINE CHAOS hosted a Copenhagen Fashion Week event in collaboration with Ved Siden Af

Recently, the fashion brand FINE CHAOS hosted a Copenhagen Fashion Week event in collaboration with the rave club Ved Siden Af, celebrating the release of its vinyl record & collaborative garments. FINE CHAOS is an emerging androgynous fashion brand based in the heart of Copenhagen, established in 2021. During Copenhagen Fashion Week for the release of its vinyl record, in collaboration with the underground nightclub Ved Siden Af, the two organizations threw a release event along with a release party.

Founded by Marc C. Møllerskov, a former designer at HAN KJØBENHAVN, where Marc seeks to push the boundaries of the brand itself and the community of which FINE CHAOS represents. Hence, the intention with FINE CHAOS is to embrace the duality of the coming generation where rebellion and art of expression meet. Maneuvering the balance between the ‘FINE’ and the ‘CHAOS’, uncovering the balance between the two aspects of its single universe. The wordplay and oxymoron describes how objects in the forever-changing, modern society can be perceived in divergent ways. 

Due to the pandemic, many artists such as DJ’s along with clubs were affected in the lockdown, where in return FINE CHAOS would like to show their support and give back to the communities. The non-profit collaborative project between FINE CHAOS x Ved Siden Af consists of a vinyl record, where all generated profits are granted to the record label ‘Another name’ (directly associated with Ved Siden Af) as well as Ved Siden Af’s resident DJ’s. This project seeks to make use of our communal resources where we, as a community, come together and create space for expression. Pursuing to provide platforms to upcoming and already existing artists, the vinyl consists of four different exclusive tracks, together with art visuals created by FINE CHAOS. Hence, all artwork created in the project embraces the different segments within the arts and culture industries. As an example, the contemporary artist Kolya39 created an arts installation which is currently present at the rave club Ved Siden Af. FINE CHAOS provides opportunities such as a first release of a track for two out of the four DJ’s. An upcoming SS23 capsule collection of FINE CHAOS includes and embraces its alliance with the different DJ’s. 

‘FINE CHAOS SOUND SYSTEM’ represents the sound within our universe, from the auditive to the visual aspects, with the intention to celebrate rave subculture and community. SOUND SYSTEM is created together with the four different resident DJs of Ved Siden Af, who all represent different segments of the FINE CHAOS x Ved Siden Af community. With that said, the resident DJ’s, who are included in the creation process are specifically chosen for their representation of different audible segments within the music scene. The project represents the celebration of diversity, through fashion as well as music, with the desire to strengthen our community and create a safer space for our fellow ravers. FINE CHAOS embraces individuals, diversity and talents from different sectors and are proud to present, not only a product but an experience for and together with our community

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