FL Studio 20.7 makes it easy to create social media music video inside your DAW

Thanks to the likes of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, having visuals to accompany your music releases is becoming increasingly important, and that’s why Image-Line has introduced the Visualizer tool to the freshly-minted FL Studio 20.7 DAW update.

Promising to let you create videos for your music, this comes with a library of templates for the aforementioned social media platforms, and enables clicking and dragging of text and other layers. You can create 16:9 (2, 4, 8K), 9:16 (vertical), 1:1 (square) and custom video aspect ratios, while VJs can trigger live video clips and control DMX devices including lights, lasers, smoke machines, strobes and more.

This isn’t the only string to FL Studio 20.7’s new feature bow, though: there are also MIDI scripts, which enable both users and manufacturers to take deep control of FL Studio from any MIDI controller or to remap any existing controller to suit your requirements.

Other enhancements include note envelopes (VFX Envelope allows you to continuously modify note properties of native plugins), improved colour management (you can customise the Piano Roll note colours, for example) and a FLEX General MIDI Library so that you can accurately play back good old General MIDI files.

There are various other tweaks, too, including new edit menu options in the Newtime audio editor and a number of workflow enhancements.

You can find out more information here.

Source: musicradar.com

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