Redbull Music Academy and Mr Oizo team up to create a funny short documentary on Flat Eric

Thanks to the guys over at Stoney Roads, Part time director, producer and overall awesome dude Quentin Dupieux aka Mr Oizo has revived his 1990’s Levi’s ad starring puppet ‘Flat Eric’ for a very special project alongside Red Bull.

The short film dubbed ‘Being Flat’ was created for this years edition of Red Bull Music Academy that’s currently being hosted in Paris (Tokyo throwback here yo)!

Dupieux inspiration for the storyline was simple;

“Basically my producer called me saying, ‘Hey look, we have this thing for Flat Eric.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be great to do something with Flat Eric again… So let’s try to find an idea.’ I typed Flat Eric into Google, I don’t know why, and on the first page was a guy dressed in a Flat Eric costume. That costume was amazing. It’s something I’ve never seen before in my life. Instantly I had the idea. Flat Eric is going to audition for people to play his role.”

The 7 minute plus film really is a kak with plenty of laughs and of course some throbbing beats stitched in there as well. Read the full interview with Mr Oizo on the RBMA website

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