Flevans releases ‘A Short Distance to Fall’ – LP on Jalapeno

Two and a bit years since the release of his last studio album ‘Accumulate’, Flevans returns with his most musically expressive and personal long player, ‘A Short Distance to Fall’.

A largely instrumental album, peppered with lush vocal samples throughout, ‘ASDTF’ is a listening experience to be savoured from start to finish – drawing you in, guiding you through an ever changing musical world, taking in snippets of electronica, disco, funk, beats, soul and downtempo – and delivered with a warm, musical, lo-fi aesthetic.

And so the story goes….the pandemic hit on the eve of the release of Flevans’ last album, and forced a shift away from live band and musical collaborations towards a solo, studio-based mindset. Flevans started layering obscure samples and beats against his own instrumentation, a very similar process to his early releases on Tru Thoughts, and began to reminisce about the instrumental music that has left its mark on him over the last three decades.

And so a project was born – to create an album that could encapsulate all of the different genres he has tapped into over the years, as well as paying tribute to the producers and artists who have inspired him along the way. With nods to luminaries such as The Avalanches, early Ninja Tune and Nightmares on Wax, through to contemporaries such as Folamour and Art of Tones, the challenge was to create genre-crossing cohesion while keeping production trademarks in-tact.

After numerous rewrites and hundreds of discarded demos and ideas, ‘A Short Distance To Fall’ emerged. Diverse and eclectic, warm and cohesive throughout – from the atmospheric beats of ‘In Shadows’ to the uplifting radio-ready warmth of first single ‘It Take The Whole Day’, the lurching groove of ‘We Walk Alone’ and the driving disco of ‘Digits’ and ‘I Got Soul’, the album rewards repeated listens, never sitting still on one style or sound.

Available via Bandcamp

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