Florian Meindl reveals new album ‘Nonlinear Times’

We were always living in nonlinear times, but a significant cycle is coming to an end so we are noticing a growing number of severe changes and happenings caused by the nonlinear nature of things. For human beings it’s difficult to imagine exponential growth despite it surrounding us in almost every aspects of life.

In music one can find such nonlinear increases or logarithmical declines in the core of sound creation itself, namely in envelopes controlling levels, texture and frequencies. But also in real life in the rise and fall of popularity, in viral news or in the development of music technology. Utilising his sound pallet comprised of modular synthesis and electronic instrumentation, Florian Meindl highlights these resonances of thought and exploration with a sonic statement of his current vision around electronic music in the form of his 4th artist album.

Florian Meindl is a multi-faceted artist, who is renowned for his technical prowess, he’s been producing for over 15 years & is known for his diverse, powerful techno productions, live performances & DJ sets. In 2006 he founded Flash Recordings, a label that has released over 180 releases, including tracks & remixes by Radio Slave, Sigha, Stephan Bodzin, Lucy, Subjected, Flug, Black Lotus among other great artists. Florian’s countless gigs, which are mostly a combination of playing live & Djing, have become an extraordinary experience by continually pushing the boundaries of combining true live performance on the modular synth with DJing.

Available on Flash Recordings imprint on February 22nd

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