Whizkid Flug catches the attention of Micro.Fon boss DJ Emerson with this slab of techno gold

Artist : Flug
Title : XLR
Label : Micro.Fon
Release : 23rd September 2015
Genre : Minimal Techno

Argentinian techno whizz Flug is no stranger to DJ Emersons Micro.Fon label. This track, in its Emerson remix format was released earlier in the year, but now sees a full release this month. And with previous releases on CLR and Soma, its no wonder that this caught the attention of Micro.Fon boss DJ Emerson.

The original bolts from the gate with an interesting, almost grasshopper like shaker panning left to right and a deeply satisfying kick drum and off beat bass arrangement. Its all very German, and I’m reminded of the hard trance sound a certain Radio One DJ used to hammer about 10/15 years ago. All memories of the past are soon far from though as a military stab and pads underpin the meat of the track adding a whole load of energy and interest to proceedings. Things reach critical mass shortly after, as the pads slowly transforms into white noise before that thunderous kick and bass ground you again for a final stomp. Brutal.

Remixes come in the form of a rather unsettling Mas Teevah remix full of foreboding sonic imagery and menace, which for me, never truly lives up to its obvious potential, but then theres always the ultra reliable, aforementioned DJ Emerson remix. Of the two, this one kicks some serious tail with its enormous reese bass (think Airfrog – Bon Voyage on Svek from back in the day). Seek out and buy if you like your techno a little deeper and more considered.

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