Focal, Naim, and Bentley develop new audio products

Focal, Naim, and Bentley have developed a collection of very unique products that will provide a truly mind-blowing listening experience in the car, at home, and whilst travelling. Since their partnership in 2008, Bentley and Naim Audio have worked together to provide a truly incredible in-car audio experience. Naim also formed a partnership with Focal in 2011 to release some pretty damn special hi-fi equipment. Now the three brands have joined forces for a 2020 collab that will simply blow your mind, ears, and probably your wallet.

Both the Naim Mu-so wireless loudspeaker system and the Focal Radiance headphones feature Bentley’s distinctive and classy design. The Mu-so wireless loudspeaker has a combination of a wood finish and Bentley’s copper-effect mesh grille and diamond motifs. There is no doubt this loudspeaker is a highly refined home décor item. Made in France, the Focal Radiance headphones incorporate high-end Focal technologies. Bentley’s signature copper finishes and diamond motifs feature on the ear cups and cables, and inside the headband. The headphones also come with a beautiful bespoke carry case.

The Bentley Special Edition Naim Mu-so wireless loudspeaker system and Focal Radiance headphones are expected to be available sometime in October. The Naim Mu-so wireless loudspeaker is expected to be around $2,199 with the Focal Radiance headphones coming in around $1,299. You can find out more here.

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