Former club promoter creates alcohol free ‘spirits remixed’

Founded by a former club promoter, Spirits of Virtue is the bold Scottish company proving booze is boring with its award-winning non-alcoholic spirits. Their sophisticated alcohol-free whisky, rum, vodka, gin, and tequila alternatives are perfect for wicked nights without wasted days.

Across seven 0.0% proof premium brands, Spirits of Virtue has created a diverse range of taste adventures – from intense, bold flavours to delicate and fragrant aromatic experiences. Handcrafted from natural ingredients, the full range is low-calorie, vegan, gluten-free and Halal-certified.  Glen Dochus is a superior alcohol-free whisky range steeped in Scottish heritage, USKO vodka alternatives deliver a taste of the Nordic wilds, and 270° Botanicals bring all the fun of rum without the alcohol.

SOBOUR Bourbonesque and Rye Style are bold homages to classic American whiskies, and two non-alcoholic gin lines – Pearsons Botanicals and CeroCero – offer delicate and daring flavours inspired by nature. Last but not least and made from premium Mexican blue agave, Seven Giants is a cheeky take on tequila. Non-alcoholic tequila from Scotland? Aye, that’s right – and it kicks like a highland dancer.

From humble backyard beginnings, Spirits of Virtue – which is currently crowdfunding to expand its global footprint – now ships to 16 countries worldwide as more and more people adopt a mindful approach to drinking. Globally, the non-alcoholic spirits category will be worth $642 by 2031.* Company founder Roddy Nicoll is no stranger to late nights that rolled into blurry mornings. His legendary Sunday night Sanctuary parties, which ran in the late ’90s, are etched into Scotland’s clubbing history. Now he’s in tune with the dynamic shifts in drinking habits.

“Drinking behaviour between the generations is changing and this generational shift is driving the sober curious movement and the sober revolution,” said Roddy. “But there’s also a growing tendency for moderation with many choosing to switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of their favourite drink. Loaded with flavour, our alcohol-free spirits are authentic booze alternatives for those who refuse to compromise on taste. I like to think of it as spirits remixed.”

The Sprits of Virtue range is on sale in the UK here and in the US here.

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