Fractal Architect has a Good News Day

Artist: Fractal Architect
Title: Good News Day EP
Label: Traumwelten
Release date: Out Now
Genre: Techno

Traumwelten’s latest release comes from Fractal Architect titled – “Good News Day EP” and for melodic Techno lovers this is manna from heaven. The original mix harks back to days of straight up production technique that murk up your aural senses with slivers of melody, dubby bass and curlicues of deep sped up electronics. Unlike many floor fillers this one doesn’t have that sort of mechanics that is going to excite the big room, but think again the forceful yet languid charm of this track will make you mush for the swoon.

Turning over to the flip side I’m met with the genius of Fractal Architect’s musicality through – “Behind The Cordon” which brings all the elements together for a superb floor cut; with hissing, belching interiors and snaking around atmospherics on top of brassy block ridden bass, this one is good enough to surrender to in all its 7 minutes. Throwing out ghoulish percussion tweaks, the underscored cool synth line and throbbing dubby bass gets subliminal and dark. The hypnotic rhythms of the tune, is pitched down and gasp worthy.

To finish it off we get a remix from UK producer Xspance who conjures up a culling superb reinterpretation of the title track, if ever there was one. With down tempo gurgles of bass and metallic brass interiors of melody play, his rework gives you a sinewy, sluggish cinematic face one can stand up and clap to. He displays a deftness for melodies and arrangements that makes a fairly straightforward track memorable within an entirely new skin. All in all great stuff from everyone associated with the release.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.