“I love playing in the UK. The crowd is knowledgeable and know how to have a party” – Franky Rizardo

We welcome Franky Rizardo to Decoded Magazine to find out more about one of the key components of Defected Records. Franky is a busy man, running his own label Listen To Flow Records aka LTF Records, a stack of DJ gigs covering nightclubs and festivals all around the world and has also released over 40 tracks and remixes this year already on labels such as Repopulate Mars, Sola and of course quite a few on Defected.

Hi Franky, good of you to talk with us. We know you have some exciting news to talk about but we can leave that until the end of the interview, let’s build up to that.

You had a new EP out on the 28th August called Take Off which was released on Yousef‘s brilliant Circus Recordings label. The 3 tracks are called Take Off, Punta Del Este and Buzz. This was your first release on this label, can you tell us how the opportunity to release with Yousef came about?

I’ve been a big fan of the label for a long time and had been sending music to Yousef for a while. He was really responsive, but he didn’t take the first few things I sent. I sent him over a particular batch of tracks earlier this year and he loved them all. We were waiting for the right time to release this EP and the reaction and support have been amazing.

You have been with Defected for 5 years now and you have been running your record label LTF for 2 years now. Is there any cross over between the two labels in aspects such as time, priority, networking etc. or do you try and keep them separate?

I started my own label, LTF Records, as a long term project to support new artists and also to release some of my own music that might not necessarily fit on Defected. We’ve released some great upcoming artists who we continue to support on FLOW club shows however the label is currently undergoing a rebrand and will be relaunched next year.

In particular, I’d like to talk about Defected Croatia. Could you give us a summary of your own experience and reasons why to go check it out?

What can I say, it was an amazing experience out there. I played both the Beach Stage and at Barbarellas, both to some wild crowds. I think there was at least double the amount of people there this year than last but they were still able to keep things intimate. The lineup is spot on and the location tops it.

I ended up down at the beach on the Tuesday morning after Classic at Barbarellas and some of the guys from Defected had thrown a spontaneous party at 7AM. We hung out for a few hours and everyone went b2b.

You have a couple of gigs in the UK coming up, you were back at Egg in London on 8th September which is a great venue and then you are heading up to Manchester for The Warehouse Project on 29th September. What do you think of the UK crowds compared to the rest of Europe and what other cool gigs do you have coming up?

I love playing in the UK – the crowd is knowledgeable and know how to have a party. I love to play London but it’s been great to see other UK cities recently and I’m really looking forward to Warehouse Project. All I’ve heard are good things!

Your latest remix for Rationale ‘Loving Life’ has been getting some great support including Joris Voorn at Hi Ibiza. Do you select your remix work carefully or do you sometimes like to embrace the challenge?

We’ve been very selective with remixes this year. I like to work on cool projects, music that I would listen to. So I may hear something in a particular track and think yes I want to work on my own version of this. It was the same with my remix of Marian Hill’s ‘Down’ and San Holo’s ‘The Future’. Both amazing original tracks and I had to put my own style to them. I do say no to a lot of high profile remixes though – for me it just has to make sense.

Where is your home base for the summer, do you live in Ibiza and fly out and back for your other gigs or is it not that simple?

I still live in Arnhem but I’m barely home during the summer. This year I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ibiza this between shows and its been really inspirational for me. Next year I plan to base myself out there for the whole season – you get to hang out with so many people in one place and most importantly you get to hear the best DJ’s every night.

So you were invited to do the BBC Radio One Essential mix, which aired on 2nd September. It has always been a huge honour and for many DJs a big ambition to feature on this legendary show. Can you tell us how excited you were for this and how you were approached to do this?

When I found about this I was over the moon, it’s a show I’ve listened to many times, so yes it was a real honour for me to be asked to be a part of it. For a DJ it’s a bucket list type of thing. The mix was loaded with a lot of my own stuff, loads of edits, and some new ones that I made especially for the mix. Apart from that I also got hooked up with some exclusives from some friends.

Well thanks for chatting with us Franky. We will be sure to tune in to your debut essential mix. We hope you have a good and successful remainder of the summer.

Listen to Franky Rizardo’s Essential Mix

Franky Rizardo’s Take Off EP is now available at Beatport

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