Fred Everything to Release ‘Long Way Home’ Album, out June 21, 2018 on Lazy Days Recordings

Long Way Home marks Fred Everything’s fourth artist album, and the first to be released on his own label Lazy Days Recordings. Out June 21, 2018, the album indicates his return to his hometown of Montreal, after 8 years in San Francisco, and also marks a come back to the LP format after ten years.

For the first time, each track was produced in Fred’s home studio, which provided an ideal environment for the revisiting of musical styles that Fred had not been able to explore on EP and Remix formats. The twelve-track album travels through a variety of tempos and rhythms, including broken and electro beats, a clear 80’s disco influence, as well as dub, all embraced by a balearic/coastal feel, inspired by recent travels to Mallorca, Ibiza and Croatia.

Collaborators on the album include Sio from South Africa; who Fred remixed last year on Atjazz Records Company, Jinadu from the UK; known for his many collaborations including Searching produced by Fred in 2015, which became a big hit thanks to the Deetron remix, Franky Selector; an old friend and collaborator from Montreal on vocoder duty and Hot Toddy (Crazy P) who added guitar on the summery disco number “Same Old Sound.” Lauer (Tuff City Kids), Andre Lodemann and Ian Pooley have all been confirmed for remix duties for the singles.

Long Way Home is the quintessential summer listening that will evoke the warmth of the sun year round. With the renewed energy of returning to the source, Fred Everything has realized his most accomplished work yet, which includes the long-held wish to record live string passages, which figure on three richly, emotive tracks. As a whole, Long Way Home displays a maturity of musical sensibility along with the rigorous attention to production that has come to distinguish his work for over twenty years, through over two hundred releases.

Cinema Paradiso – The opening track immediately sets the tone for this warm, emotion-filled album. Orchestral samples mixed with broken beats create a unique cinematographic atmosphere that gradually builds with added percussion fills.

by Day feat Sio – by Day picks up the broken pattern of the opening track and features soulful vocals by Sio from South Africa. The track is built over a heavy Moog bass line with added Rhodes and live strings following an intricate electronic rhythm.

Long Way Home – The title track, Long Way Home slows down the tempo, fusing 80’s disco influence with electro-funk. The live strings line in the middle connect the dots with the rest of the album, to function as an anchor song.

One In A Million ft. Franky Selector – The influence of disco and electro is also clear on this track, with Franky Selector’s vocoded vocals over 808 beats, Moog bass line and Prophet synths, reminiscent of Herbie Hancock’s 80’s work.

Un Dimanche Apres-Midi – Written on a Sunday afternoon, as the title suggests, this echoed bassline driven, uptempo track brings the energy up a notch with a cheeky top melody, synth stabs and live strings. Imagine Metro Area stuck in an elevator with DJ Gregory and you’re halfway there.

Same Old Sound ft. Hot Toddy – Slowing down the tempo once again, this is the roller skating track of the album — a mysterious vocoded line singing over chugging disco beats driven by a boogie bass line and catchy synth stabs. It also features guitar by Hot Toddy of Crazy P fame.

Space Time – This electro track owes as much to Italo Disco and Dream House as it does to Jedi Knights and early rave music. A synth-y reflection on space and time, and how a record can stand the test of time.

Palma – Influenced by recent summers spent in Croatia and Mallorca, this is Fred’s ultimate tribute to the Balearic sound which borrows elements from the 80’s and 90’s, with a clear reference to bands like Art of Noise.

Silver Light ft. Jinadu – Originating as a Dub track, the production was changed at the last minute to make it more dance-floor friendly, keeping all the Dub fx and tape delay overdubs intact. Heavy sub bass drives the track with Jinadu’s Sting-like vocals sitting comfortably on top.

Wherever You Go – This is another ode to Italian Dream House and early 90’s progressive house — two of Fred’s earliest influences. This balearic number builds on a strings progression, delayed synths and organ driven by an unusual latin bass line. Unexpected African chants come in halfway, adding a human element to this lively summer track.

Barbarella – Inspired by a morning set at Barbarella in Tisno Croatia, this one draws influence from Hi-Energy 80’s Disco and contemporary Scandinavian producers. The arpeggiated Juno bassline leads the way to a Quincy Jones influenced arrangement, keeping things moving.

Something – Something originally started as an ambient track. The drums were added shortly after, using a faster broken beat to create a syncopated contrast. The melodic bassline follows the main chord progression with a sizzling arpeggiated sequence on top. The message of the song lays in the sampled speech in the middle: “Always remember that the reason that you initially started working was that there was something inside yourself that you felt, that if you could manifest it in some way, you would understand more about yourself and how you co-exist with the rest of society.”


1. Cinema Paradiso
2. By Day ft. Sio
3. Long Way Home
4. One In A Million ft. Franky Selector
5. Un Dimanche Apres-Midi
6. Same Old Sound ft. Hot Toddy
7. Space Time
8. Palma
9. Silver Light ft. Jinadu
10. Wherever You Go
11. Barbarella
12. Something

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