FREE DOWNLOAD – Audioglider gives Sasha’s classic ‘Wavy Gravy’ a fresh touch up in the progressive breaks flavour

Take one classic and give it the Audioglider retouch

There are points in every artist’s musical journey that highlight a sea change or a shift in consciousness. The first of those moments for Roberto Sodano was the time he saw Kraftwerk as a spotty teen with dodgy 80’s haircut. Their machine funk sound completely captivated him and his love of all things electronic began. Born in Wales to Italian parents, he finally relocated to London after stints all over the UK and Central Europe.

Growing up in a bleak post-industrial city drove Roberto’s need to escape through all manner of musical discovery: experience borne out in his esoteric musical influences of 80s and 90s shoegaze, from bands such as Ride, MBV and the Cocteau Twins through to synth pioneers including the aforementioned Kraftwerk and a pre-Dare Human League.

“Music has always been there for me. It’s a friend that doesn’t judge you, a comfort blanket and a kick up the arse when you need it.”

Choosing to compose and produce as well as become a DJ, Roberto released tracks under a range of pseudonyms before finally settling on his current nom-de-plume ‘Audioglider’. His big break came with the licensing of two tracks under the new project name – Whiskers and Zusammenallein – for Nick Warren’s Global Underground CD, GU30 Paris.

“I don’t stick to a formula so I can explore and develop my musical identity without boundaries.”

Fast forward to 2022, Roberto has since released on a whole host of labels whose A&R policies are eclectic and wide ranging, to suit his huge range of genre bending and blending of pieces with a retro future sound and detailed percussion. While Covid lockdown has seen DJs and Producers competing for stream time over the last 2 years, Roberto threw himself into production, pushing his musical boundaries ever further, emerging blinking into the light with two albums in 2021 – The Comet Will Save Us, on VSLI and Kill Yer Idles on TILT’s Guerilla Movement label. Blending indie dance, breaks, progressive house, ambient, synthwave and more, they’re both ambitious and impressive bodies of work.

His most recent material has seen Audioglider collaborating with enigmatic vocalist Melatron, on the From A Ripple To A Wave EP, on Manual Music incorporating indie dance, shoegaze, broken beat, progressive and downtempo with strong vocal compositions throughout. Think Gorillaz and William Orbit jamming round at Four Tet’s studio and you might be close. Critically acclaimed remixes, EPs, appearances on VA compilations – over 40 releases in 2022 alone) and various guest mixes across the musical spectrum have firmed up Audioglider’s place within the UK’s electronic music scene.

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