FREE DOWNLOAD – Ceybil – Love So Special (Italo Bros Remix)

Those cheeky Italo Bros boys have expertly updated a 1990 Atlantic Records classic by the wonderful Ceybil Jefferies for the discerning modern house head. A big track for Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries and the Chicago House scene, the remix is full of that awesome 90s swing groove with chopped up vocals and tonnes and tonnes of charm, this ladies and gentlefolks, is how you do a remix! And best of all, its presented here for you as a free download. Be sure to give the guys a little love and why not check out the original here to see what they did..

Born and raised in a small village in the south of Italy, Scalea (Calabria). ItaloBros are two DJs, producers, remixers in an ongoing musical evolution. Their main objective is looking for new goals and stimuli , exploring and experimenting new paths, as well as reinventing new musical languages. Eclectic, creative, inquiring, they own a unique style which spreads adrenalin and passion and at the same time makes people dream. They do not like setting limits and categorizing their sound in a conventional music genre, but their “old school” roots, as well as their techno and Deep influences can be easily detected. Their strength, their charge, their determination is the result of their passion, it gives them the right and courage to dare to be experimental, but above all to be different.