FREE DOWNLOAD – Floyd Lavine shares edit of Kwaito favourite, Kabelo’s ‘Pantsula for Life’

credit KIKE Photography

Floyd Lavine has done a sublime and summery re-edit of one his favourite Kwaito jams, Kabelo’s ‘Pantsula for Life’. Head to his Bandcamp for a free download HERE.

Floyd says of the re-edit: “Pantsula For Life was a great record from a famous old skool Kwaito artist called Kabelo and was the combination of house and early South African hip hop. I really love the record because it reminds me of my youth growing up in South African in the early 2000s. I love the combination of old skool house music and a bit of rap as well in the South African vernacular. It brings me a bit of nostalgia, but also it’s a record that still matters today. It was nice to give it an edit and twist and speed it up and make it more housey.”

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