FREE DOWNLOAD – Martin Vidal – Lost

To celebrate the forthcoming inaugural release, label head, Claire Spooner sent us this free download from Martin Vidal which perfectly encompasses everything Constant Circles stands for.

We move in Constant Circles… Music. Art. Fashion. Life. This is the concept of the new deep house and techno record label curated by Claire Spooner, aka Just Her.

And one of the labels key artists, the multi-talented LA based producer and graphic designer, Martín Vidal, fits this ethos perfectly. A true creative, he excelled in art, starting early drawing cartoons for his mom at the age of four. Alongside that he gravitated to music and studied Classical Music at Middle School. From the age of 11 to 21, music became his focus, both at school and outside and in his spare time he played for all types of bands, from Ska to Hip Hop, Metal to Jazz.

I loved it all. I didn’t understand why you had to pick just one,” he says. It was obvious that his attention would be drawn to electronic music, given his computer skills and creative ethos. He was soon DJing around Los Angeles but it didn’t feel satisfying.

“During that time, I felt like I was hibernating musically, becoming jaded. I felt I was losing a bit of myself working as a DJ on the club circuits. All I wanted was to fall in love with creating for fun and not for attention. I wanted to go where the music felt more real, more from within.”

In 2013, whilst also following a career in graphic design for global brands such as Heineken and Nabisco, Martin extended his music production skills and found his emotive and heartfelt ‘sound’. After meeting online, Martín and Claire formed an instant connection and he went on to develop the visual identity for the label, as well as becoming a key artist. In Constant Circles, he has found his spiritual home and to celebrate his addition to the family, ‘Lost’ is available as a free download and features original music and vocals by Martín Vidal.