Ryan Davis reinterprets Caribou’s Sun into a glorious progressive homage, and now it’s also a free download!

The brilliant Ryan Davis recently posted this amazing remix on his socials as a free download. The original Caribou single Sun was released in 2012 and subsequently, the parts were released as part of a remix competition. Made over a year ago, and a climatic part of his shows, Ryan has now made the remix available to all.

The concise characteristics of Ryan Davis’s music are within the dimensions of sound, taking the listener on a journey full of stories which describe feelings, dreams and desires. Ryan’s music is not solely made to fill the dance-floors, furthermore, with each note he is trying to reach hearts with his soulful sound aesthetics.

Since 2006 you can follow Ryan’s traces on almost every important melodic techno label worldwide such as Traumschallplatten, Areal, Bedrock, Last Night on Earth, Anjuna Deep, Manual or Back Home. The quality of his music has brought him an international fan base and a reputation that is nothing short of remarkable.

His debut single led to notable attention from the music scene overnight. From the very beginning artists such as Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Boys Noise and Ivan Smagghe showcased his sound. With Martin Gore of Depeche Mode including his music in the pre-program of the “Sound of The Universe” Tour and constant chartings by Dominik Eulberg, Stephan Bodzin, Sasha, Digweed or Cattaneo he slowly became a fundamental name in the modern melodic techno culture, in which compositional qualities are a must and what leads to the contact with Max Cooper with mutual declarations of love and remixes.

In addition, Ryan has already founded two of his own labels (Back Home & Klangwelt), offering a platform for new artists to promote themselves releasing alongside well-known names. One result has been a worldwide collective with different labels and artists who are in constant contact, pushing ideas and music forward.

Beside further remixes for famous artists like Sasha, Dominik Eulberg , Pig & Dan or Luis Junior, Ryan released his first solo album in2012 which turned into a great success and brought him lots of respect from big names all around the globe. To experience the full picture of Ryan’s creation and immerse yourself in his ethos of promoting more depth in music than danceable beats in a club, it is highly recommended you find yourself at one of his forthcoming gigs.

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