Freeware – LANDR Tone Sculpting bundle

The cloud-based mastering service LANDR provides a convenient way to put those all-important finishing touches on tracks. Far from a one-size-fits-all solution, their mastering system utilizes an adaptive engine that ‘listens’ to music and makes subtle adjustments based on the unique properties of the song.

Adapting some of that advanced signal processing know-how, LANDR’s senior audio producer Pheek, in collaboration with Performodule, has assembled the Tone Sculptor devices – three Audio Effects Racks designed to carefully enhance and attenuate key frequency ranges in your mixes. The Low, Mid and High Sculptors are perfect for adding just the right touch of polish, glue, and analog character to your tracks. Further refinements can be achieved by tweaking the intriguingly named “Pixie dust”, “Ouchie”, “Big”, “Nose”, and “Old Skool” controls.

Download here