French-Canadian producer Gab Rhome returns to Kora’s dreamy Saisons imprint with a new collaboration

A fresh collaboration for melodic maestro French-Canadian producer Gab Rhome, as he returns to Kora’s dreamy Saisons imprint, this time with Evren Furtuna.

Turkish born and raised, the versatile Furtuna has a growing reputation playing in large clubs and at small exclusive parties in the likes of Istanbul and Ankara.

Here the two creatively use their different cultural backgrounds to create an evocative, watery melodic exploration named after that traveller in two worlds, the salmon, swimming now against, now with the current, in waters both sweet and salt.

‘Salmo Salar’ has an intro mingling mood-inducing chords in voices and strings, taking us underwater before light but determined beat kicks in, spangled with piano arpeggios and snatches of melody as the spiritual vocals continue to evoke a watery vibe. The sustained breakdown surprises with a new clarinet tune, almost middle eastern, marking a shift of phase, after which a free, jazzy feel predominates.

The whimsical Rhome is no stranger to collaboration, having released ‘Toboggan’ with Kora (also on Saisons) and working alongside Mark Alow for his Bar25 release.

‘Salmo Salar’ is out now on Saisons. Get it here

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