French classic piano prodigy, Sofiane Pamart comes to London 

After selling out concerts in the world’s most renowned venues and festivals, be it at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Olympia, the Trianon or the Louvre Museum, the enfant terrible of French classical music, Sofiane Pamart brings his unique sound to stage in the United Kingdom for the very first time. Pamart will be playing pieces from his new album, LETTER in London’s Barbican Hall on the 17th of July 2022. With its dreamy and otherworldly ambience, LETTER is Pamart’s second, high-acclaimed solo release.

“The album is a declaration of love to my public, who played a great role in supporting and fueling my creations. LETTER was created while I was travelling in 6 different Asian countries for about 4 months. The energy I discovered in these territories really fascinated me.” – Sofiane Pamart

It’s not only Sofiane Pamart’s sound that is truly unique, his trajectory to becoming one of the world’s most heralded classical pianists is equally uncommon. Born in the suburbs of Lille, the pianist of Moroccan descent went on to become a gold medallist in the city’s conservatory. Yet it was his work within France’s rap circles that really captured the public’s imagination, showing how classical music has space, and a duty, to interact with contemporary discourses and aesthetics. His collaborations with artists such as SCH, Koba LaD and Maes have earned him 4 Gold records and 2 Platinum records and cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting acts in France and beyond. In 2019, Pamart’s first solo release, Planet, channelled all the energy, vigour and rebelliousness he developed in the years prior in an album of solo piano music. Breaking the elitist codes of classical music with confidence and style and seamlessly crossing genres, it was clear right from the very start that Pamart was a much-needed breath of fresh air and that he would make waves far and wide – it comes as no surprise that the musician was one of 2021’s top 10 most-streamed classical music artists.

Beyond music, Pamart’s highly-original style has earned him collaborations with prestigious maisons and brands such as Maison Cartier, C. Bechstein and Lacoste, and earned him the accolade of the “new face of luxury” by the Paris Salon du Luxe. Unafraid to bring classical music to entirely new territories, the pianist also released his Piano King NFT collection last year as a means to allow him greater independence in his artistic pursuit. The collection reached a value of several million dollars after only a few days of launch. It’s this fresh perspective, which blends high-fashion elegance and authentic street credentials, avant-garde piano with mainstream appeal that Pamart will bring to the stage, and is sure to enrapture audiences in London.

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