French-Egyptian live artist Ash joins Cercle Records

With over 500 million streams of his own compositions across DSPS, Ash is a rare meeting of success with soul. Still in his early 20s, the French-Egyptian live artist/producer plays the piano, guitar, sax, drums/pads, electronic keyboards/wind instrument, and already has recorded live at the Pyramids of Giza.

So, it was inevitable that revered brand Cercle have enlisted him for the perfect marriage of music and setting, to release the track and video White Desert on their eponymous new label.

“Filming in the White Desert was incredible. I’m Egyptian yet had never been there. I had seen pictures and heard people say it looks like another planet. I was shocked by how crazy and insanely beautiful it is. Just before we started shooting, everyone stopped talking and all I could hear was the wind, standing in the middle of the desert with my instruments looking at these huge rocks. Then I just started playing. I still have goosebumps when I remember this moment!”

‘White Desert’ adds to the illustrious series of live streams he has done, including the stunning music video for his breakthrough track ‘Mosaïque’ shot at the Pyramids of Giza in 2019, and others at his home city Montreal’s Mount Royal and Lac aux Castors, and secret Parisian rooftops. He’s also been wowing viewers on Twitch with his ABRACADABRA live streams, all live and some even improvised on the spot.

‘Composing ‘White Desert’ I wanted a sound throughout the entire track that flows like the wind in your ears, but not just a regular wind sound or white noise’ Ash explains. ‘I used a ton of reverb and delay, hitting the high notes on my guitar with a drumstick, keeping it throughout the song. Then I started playing the chords with a pad and added a guitar melody, a bunch of arps and a saxophone solo. I always use as many organic sounds as I can.’

You can stream/buy the track here.

About the Author

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