French Electronic Music producer, Rone releases latest album L(oo)ping

Rone’s long and established musical career has seen him collaborate with France’s most distinguished contemporary minds, from different corners of the arts; the writer Alain Damasio, film directors Jacques Audiard and Spike Jonze. His latest album L(oo)ping sees him team up with the National Orchestra of Lyon and maestro Dirk Brossé. L(oo)ping consists of eleven pieces which each mark a different stage in Rone’s trajectory, from one of his first-ever productions, Bora, born in a studio flat in Paris in 2008 when he was still a student, all the way to the soundtrack composed for the 2022 short film, Ghosts, directed and performed by (LA)HORDE. The result is not just an orchestral re-telling of Rone’s work, but new life has been breathed into the music through Romain Allendar’s arrangements.

“It has been an exhilarating sensation to prepare for these vertiginous acrobatics in a world completely foreign to me. My machines become one with the National Orchestra of Lyon as I weightlessly loop and twirl under the baton of maestro Dirk Brossé” – Rone.

A reworked version of (OO) from 2015 album Creatures opens the album and commences the vivid journey. There’s a rich dramaturgy to the music, but not once does the acoustic trample on the electronic  or vice-versa. Like the album as a whole, it manages to achieve an elegant and playful tight-rope balance between both voices that keeps listeners hooked on suspense and surprise. 

“I think that we have succeeded in taking the listener on a journey, a story, which he or she does not necessarily expect, and from which he or she emerges permanently marked,” speaks Allendar about the album – and it is (OO) where we first find ourselves submerged into this story. 

The release of the album will be followed by a film premiere on the 18th of June at the ARTE Library. The film ‘L(oo)ping is directed by Louise Narboni, who captured Rone’s breathtaking live performance with the National Orchestra of Lyon. As a result, “L(oo)ping” is truly a Gesamtkunstwerk, encompassing the live experience at the Philharmonie de Paris, a recorded album and the film.  

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