Freqs of Nature Festival, Germany July 4-9, 2018 Final Announcement

The festival focusing on projects that go beyond an explicit line up, with multiple galleries, installations, modular synthesizer workshops, landscaping and organic decorations mixed with scientific experiments and or own approach to engineering.

Creative minds from all around the world are creating an environment of peculiar content that yet has to be seen and places the festival as a frontier within the electronic music scene. The crew is gathering creative builders and artists from almost all corners of the planet, well travelled individuals who collected impressions and skills on their journeys. At the festival they are mixing these collected artistries and craftsmanships with Berlins urban art forms, German crafting techniques and engineering combined in a carefully planed and in the last details thought through concept.

The layout and most projects are build newly every year during more than a month of setup with a crew exceeding 200 heads, using mostly natural and recycled materials, from thousands of tons of wood that is being reused every year to locally in forests collected components. Collected annually multiple tons of trash left from the Russian military in the forest surrounding the venue and building stunning decorations from it. Walking through the lands of the festival one gets the feeling being in an organic world packed until the last corner with artistic input and entertainment of the highest level, created with love, craftsmanship and compassion.

The same love to details and beautiful obscurity is being put in the curation of the musical program, Freqs of Nature is booking purely from their love of electronic music and search for quality. The festival isn’t known for looking for the biggest or most at major events presented names, they are looking for artists doing beautiful and unique music that fills the heart with joy, lets the body move in unusual ways or entertain the brain in its full capacity.

The festival has in total 5 floors, each dedicated to different electronic music styles. The Kreuz&Quer Floor is a charming beach like environment within a little forest, hosting a mixture of atmospheric Techno in the likes of Rrose, Kangding Ray, Matrixxman, Mike Parker, Peter van Hoesen, Cio D’Or, Takaaki Itoh, Shifted, Abdulla Rashim, Dasha Rush and many more. Many of the artists playing on the “Kreuz&Quer Floor” will also play a second set on the “RelaXperimental Floor” where we will reveal the full Lineup in the next coming weeks. The floor is dedicated to music that at open air festivals is often not supported by an own floor, presenting a mixture of IDM/Electronica & Experimental-Ambient music.

The Groove Floor where last year the amazing Acid Pauli and Sebastian Mullaert previously of Minilogue had been joined by Fabio Florido, Carlo Ruetz and Malbetrieb as well as countless other great performers. A stage that combines by about half/half some of the best Minimal Techno, Techhouse and similar styles with the right now hottest export of the Psychedelic Trance scene. Taking the groove structures and rhythms of Techno related music and mixing it with the crispiness and multi layered detailed sound design of underground “Dark Progressive” is bringing together what has always belonged. The Lineup announcement will follow after the RelaXperimental Floor.

With the Forest Floor the festival is showing it provoking and extreme side an area with a deco concept that yet has to be seen anywhere else, combining organic art with craftsmanship, science and engineering on a mind-blowing level. Hosting the most experimental and extreme side of Psychedelic Trance from deep and organic Forest Trance to 200 plus bpm Hitech Trance the Forest Floor is showing of the core of what experimental yet danceable Psychedelic Trance is about.

Our in 2017 newly established and well accepted Bass Playground is in 2018 maturing to it full potential. In the heart of a playground like fort Freqs of Nature is presenting Bass music at it finest, rooting Dub, bouncy Glitch-Hop, vibing Half-Step, powerfull Drum & Bass, Amen infused Breakcore and everything fitting in between will shake our guests with power full bass-vibrations. As a small glimpse of what is to expect we would like to already reveal one name on the Lineup, the leading techno artist Matrixxman, will be joining us on the Bass Playground for one of his legendary drum’n’bass sets.

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.