Future Leader #8 Ki Creighton

Annan Based DJ, producer and promoter Ki Creighton is causing serious waves in the house music scene. A long-time friend of Circus curator Yousef, Ki continues to impress from gigs at the aforementioned Circus through to playing Ushuaia’s emerging Ibiza showcase in early June. We here at Decoded Magazine have been keenly following the rise of Ki’s work.

Fresh off the back of his latest E.P “Outerview”, which is drawing support from none other than Radio 1’s Pete Tong on the Essential Selection. We caught up with Ki ahead of what is set to be a very busy 2014 for the man from Annan.

Hi Ki, it’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time out to chat to us. The last few weeks have been phenomenal for you on the back of your latest release and a venture to Ushuaia for the emerging Ibiza showcase. May I ask, how and where did it all begin?

Hi guys , good to be involved. It all began a year ago when I launched the label (Under No Illusion Recordings) and I received a demo from an amazing producer from Liverpool called Kydus (John Tomlinson) his tracks were signed straight away but most importantly we hit it off musically and decided we should produce together. I then sent our demo to one of my closest friends Yousef for his thoughts and the track was signed to his Circus Recordings label within 10 minutes of him hearing it. The emerging Ibiza program was a follow on of the success from this, Yousef was picked as a mentor to 3 acts, 1 of which was myself and John and rest as they say is history.

Who would you say are you influences in terms what you play and produce?

I am influenced massively from my early days on the scene. I started out going to all the big warehouse raves in 1991 and progressed through the big clubs in England / Scotland who were supporting the early American house sound. I visited Ibiza in 92 , 93 and 94 and them 3 consecutive trips nailed my love of house music. If that’s the “how” then the “who” has to be DJ’s Like Yousef , Loco Dice , Derrick Carter , DJ Sneak , Carl Cox , Sven Vath & Steve Lawler. Just recently I’m loving the likes of Tom Flynn , Italoboyz , Detlef , Patrick Topping , Denney , Nick Curly , Guti , David Glass etc.

You have done a lot of work with Circus Liverpool, how did this venture begin?

I’m really good friends with Yousef & Rich who run Circus. In fact I’m really close with the whole team behind the scenes like Lewis, Scott, Sean & James (I’ve just signed James Organ to Under No Illusion). This July will be my 10th consecutive year of playing for the lads in some shape or form either being at the newly refurbished EVAC , The old Masque , the big warehouse at Camp & Furnace, or as with my July gig the residency Yousef holds down at EGG in London. To say i love Circus would be putting it lightly!!!

Your latest E.P “Outerview” has been championed by Pete Tong amongst many others. Can you try to describe how it felt when you were informed of this?

It was a surreal night this one, we had just finished playing Ushuaia in Ibiza and were checking out Detlef . My partner on this EP Jamie Roy was out with us, as he lives in Ibiza and both our phones started to light up like Xmas trees with messages and emails from home. I was pumped after playing and this news just filled me with more joy and excitement. It’s a night I will never forget for many great reasons.

Besides this you also had your remix of “In The Sky” by Rene played at the opening night of the United Ants party. What impact has this had on the future for you in terms of gigs, and future music endeavours?

That was the following day after Ushuaia and again it added hype to all the hype. Yousef has been using that remix in nearly all his sets recently and he adds a bit of spice to it by using the “Bigger Than Prince” vocal on it. In terms of gigs this has been a great platform with around 8 extra bookings already in place in cities like London & Liverpool and Festivals like Wickerman & Kendal Calling all taking me on.

As a DJ & producer do you feel artists can make it within the modern scene without a production background?

I thinks its getting increasingly harder if I’m honest . I had been on the circuit for many years and was picking up gigs here and there alongside my Uber residency, but as soon as the productions started flowing i saw a massive increase in everything i was doing both playing and all round enquiries etc.

What advice would you give to upcoming producers?

Go at it and go at it full throttle. Throw yourself into it. I am lucky to have 2 amazing guys in John (Kydus) and Jamie who are so talented and we keep each other going all the way and their knowledge and skills are so important in making the whole thing work as a team.

Besides DJing and Producing you also run the label “Under No Illusion Recordings”. Would you kindly inform our readers about this project and what can we expect in the future?

UNI is something that I toiled with for years before actually starting up. I’m made up with the progress of things in just over a year. We have great support and following from all the A-list DJ’s and I believe that’s purely down to the music we put out. Our forthcoming projects will see Manchester based Fran Fitzgerald release a wicked 4 track EP , Myself and Itchy Newman have a 3 tracker ready to go with David Glass on the remix and I also have Liverpool’s Ryan Taubman with the labels next release UNI 017. For the 20th label release Myself and Kydus will be producing our “Phase 2 EP”, and after that James Organ will be laying things down on his label debut, and Fraser Stuart will return to do a joint EP with “This is I”. So a busy schedule ahead over the summer.

You’re hosting a showcase night for the label In Glasgow. How is the scene in Scotland?

Really looking forward to this Showcase as my mate Sandy who runs St Judes has shown great faith in putting us on. I love everything about playing in Glasgow from the educated crowds, to the pure up for it attitudes of everyone. The city just encapsulates coolness in my eyes and couldn’t think of a better place to lay the foundations down. Plus I’ve loads of friends up there who have been a massive help in many ways around the label. Taking the boys with me to play as well so its going to be Myself , Kydus & Jamie Roy all night long!

What is your current studio set up?

Cubase 5.0 or Ableton 9 , pioneer active monitors / truth monitors . Midi Controller . keyboard , Native Instruments etc.

Are there any particular items of studio equipment that you literally couldn’t do without?

The Programs , Cubase and Ableton. It would be like living our lives without a brain!!

Ki it’s be a pleasure speaking with you. The second half of 2014 look set to be very exciting for yourself across all platforms, and we here at Decoded Magazine look forward to seeing all the projects over the coming months, so from myself and the rest of the team we wish you all the best.

Track list

01. Federico Molinari – Party Faktor (Robert Dietz Desafinado Mix)
02. &ME – Afterdark
03. Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants
04. Mendo – Melody
05. Onno – Go Crazy
06. Second City – Technique (And We Go)
07. Basement Jaxx – Mermaid Of Salinas (Loco Dice Mix)
08. Timid Boy & Spencer K – Ready
09. Hunzed & Harvey – Sheeta (Mendo Remix)
10. Kydus & Ki Creighton – Tijuana
11. Yousef – For The Terraces (Patrick Topping Remix)
12. Secondcity – Deep Down
13. Fran Fitzgerald – Bass & Erotica
14. Monika Kruse – Summer Drops (Mendo Remix)
15. Javi Lopez – 90’s Wasted
16. Chaty & Tamez & Gabriel I – Armanus (Joal Remix)
17. Glimpse – Baretta
18. Italoboyz & Blinded Minded – Paradise Adventure (Christian Burkhardt Remix)
19. Lady Danville – Kids


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