Is this the future of online label management?

Swedish electronic label HMWL becomes a first-mover among house and techno labels to give all its artists full online access to digital royalties and royalty analytics. HMWL (House Music With Love) is a boutique electronic label run out of Stockholm & Malmö, Sweden by Alex Esser, Paul Sonkamble and Jesper Aubin. HMWL has emerged from one of Sweden’s top 10 music blogs with the same name, turning into a full-fledged label in 2014.

HMWL has since released over 20 records on its main label and three sub-imprints: HMWL being home for house and deep house releases. WLR releases a more broad variety of electronica, future soul and chill-wave, HMWL Presents is a singles label for up-and-coming electronic producers. Finally Heartbreak Records completes the circle releasing dark techno cuts on vinyl format.

“We’ve identified a problem within the dance community, particularly where house and techno artists are kept in the dark with no cheques, no royalty statements and no info at all about what their tracks are worth – especially in the case of 3rd party licensing. Now we team up with Phonofile to give all our artists complete access.” – Alex Esser (HMWL label co-founder)


All the producers signed to HMWL or one of it’s imprints have now received a personal login that allows them to easily track every single stream and download generated by their tracks, sorted by different territories and services and see how their productions are being recouped over time. Teaming up with Norwegian distribution service Phonofile, HMWL becomes one of the first labels to provide its artists with Phonofile’s newly developed artist access tool to online, fully segmented royalty reports. For further information contact HMWL here.