Game Over Ibiza announce new Saturday residency at HeartIbiza

Every Saturday at Heart Ibiza | 17 dates from Saturday 1st June 2019

A celebration of the bold and beautiful, the unashamed and untamed. The misfits, dreamers, chancers and dancers of past, present and future. Come and uncover the WILDCHILD in you!

Having already put on some of the most talked about events over the past few years such as One Night Stand, Pure Carl Cox, LiFT and more, Game Over now bring us a fresh new concept with WILDCHILD. This new offering will see it’s selectors dig deep into the core eclectic roots of the music we all love and live for. Taking inspiration from the early days of the 90’s block party culture right through to the modern day madness of house music that emerges in its many shades from the backstreets and warehouses of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago, Berlin, New York and beyond.

The freshest party of the year kicks off on Saturday 1st June at its home of HEART Ibiza and runs every Saturday right through to 28th September, as WILDCHILD sets out to make Heart go wild weekly. As soon as you step foot on Ibiza you can feel your wild side calling. We want to feed and unleash that instinct, a second chance at experiencing the raw spirit and energy of the decade that never ended.
Those who lived it, miss it, those who missed it, crave it!

The 90s and 00’s were all about breaking rules and pushing boundaries just so we could get our fix of cool. WILDCHILD is a contemporary take on that sentiment, not a nostalgic fest, but rather a reboot of the 90s, in the 19s. Game Over’s innate ability in curating memorable events coupled with the creative and innovative DNA of Heart Ibiza, makes it the perfect place to host a one of a kind experience that goes beyond music.

We are the wild children of Ibiza. The black sheep wanderers. Forever exploring an island of magic, people and music. Making memories, chasing moments, living out fantasies. We stay young, fresh and foolish at heart. Mischievous souls living in the now, escaping from the banality of modern day living though our connections, friendships, surrounding art, music and fashion. We remember the rebellion of adolescence, the crazy adventures and pushing of boundaries and rules that celebrate our youth!

“If it don’t swing it’s not our thing”
“It’s like this and like that it’s like this and uh”

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