Gemini Voice Archive make their debut album on Soma Records

After a highly successful and explosive entry to the Soma Records roster, the anonymous duo of Gemini Voice Archive present their debut album, Paradoxical Chronicles. The LP displays the culmination of of the pairs last few years working tirelessly to create a unique and refined sound that has seen them carve out a special place amongst their peers at Soma. After a string of releases over the past 2 years, the self taught Spanish based producers and science enthusiasts have collected 13 truly special tracks that define their origins in Detroit Techno & Chicago House yet delve more realistically into the modern electronic world.

The opening buzz of Zero Curvature sets the deep, esoteric tone of whats to follow as ‘A Significant Proportion Of the Speed Of Light’ quickly ups the pace, taking on the traditional sound of GVA. The aptly named “Before Everything Was Complete Chaos” offers up a more menacing vibe before ‘Framauro’s Plains’ – inspirations taken from the worn remnant of a walled lunar plain. Consistent theme is gradually built by the GVA duo once the enigmatic ‘Quarks’ drifts through the veil, creating a mid pint for this debut album.

The pair swiftly move back into familiar dance floor orientated territory as their singular production theories take flight – sculpting new sonic territories with each track. A momentary refuel at ‘Singularity’ only gives a small moment of motionlessness as ‘Light In Matter’ delivers glimmers of distant galaxies and ushers us toward colonies new. Reason & Knowledge are tested as we come to a close of Gemini Voice Archive’s sophomore LP, culminating in the atmospheric and unnerving ‘Uncertainty Principle’

Damion Pell
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