Get voting to pick the global winner of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2020

Angyil seen at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Paris, France on October 12, 2019.

The voting has begun for the Red Bull Dance Your Style and you the public get to decide the global champion. The online dance contest has had over 1,500 dance sensations from around the planet submit their digital auditions on TikTok to set up knock-out contests where the voting public pick the winner. Here is all you need to know:

– Dancers from a total of 47 countries put in entries for the digital dance-off for a revised 2020 version of Dance Your Style, the global dance contest reacting to the current worldwide situation.

– Now just eight contestants have been picked out and they’ll face new street dance challenges and new music not to mention taking on pre-selected professional wildcard opponents in head-to-heat battles.

– Finalising that octet were three internationally renowned judges: Germany’s Majid Kessab, Ibuki Imata, from Japan, and American Leon ‘Kida the Great” Burns, who won So You Think You Can Dance.

– Of the judging, Burns said: “Judging this competition was an honour, being able to see different styles from all over the world was inspiring for the culture. Congratulations to everyone.”

– Among the wilcards facing the chosen few from their online entries are Jojo Akams, who boasts a social media following of four million.

– The competing begins on November 25 and runs until December 13 when the last round decides the ultimate champion, all the votes coming through TikTok.

– Dance Your Style is an online competition between the world’s best dancers and entertainers in one-to-one battles, with you the public deciding the winners of the knock-out rounds and the eventual champion. To take part in the judge, head to @RedBullDance on TikTok and simply vote for a winner using the poll function after each contest. A new battle will be posted almost every day. Who rules the dance floor? You the public decides so start voting from November 25.

Maika from Japan competes at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final at la Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris, France on October 12,

The match-ups – wildcard versus online finalists

Dassy, South Korea / Popping vs. Shorty, Italy / Popping

Kieran Lai, UK / Hip Hop vs. Tonini, Italy / Hip-Hop

Anane the Dancer, Belgium / Hip-Hop, House vs. Tawatha, Netherlands / Popping

Amely Mel’s, France / Hip-Hop vs. 250Machine, South Africa / Popping

Akamz, France / Krump vs. Candyman, France / Locking

Ruth Prim, Spain / Hip-Hop vs. Angyil, USA / Popping

Konkrete, USA / Krump vs. JR Game, Germany / Krump

Luna Yuna, South Korea / Locking vs. Lin, Japan / Hip-Hop, Popping