Global Sound Group team up with Aspire 2 to promote mental health awareness in the Music Industry

London based music promotion specialists, Global Sound Group, are teaming up with Aspire2 Mental Health Media And Events to promote mental health awareness in the music industry.

Aspire2 are an organisation based in York, who are working relentlessly to raise awareness of mental health through a range of media services and events that will give a voice to charities and those affected by mental health conditions, providing society an opportunity to understand the vast and complex issues surrounding mental health.

Recent research (from Record Union) shows that at least 73% of independent musicians have struggled with mental illness and only 19% feel that the music industry is providing healthy working conditions. Of those surveyed, less than 40% claimed they sought professional help, while more than 50% claimed they turned to self-medication including drug and alcohol abuse. James Dyble, managing director of Global Sound Group, said “Having worked in the music industry for many years, I have seen the impact that mental health can have on musicians. Therefore, I knew we had to team up with Aspire 2.”

With musicians being considered three times more likely to suffer from depression, Aspire2 and Global Sound Group aim to raise awareness and reduce social stigma around mental health in the music industry.

To find out more, or to seek help, visit here

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