Sensational return of Giacomotto and Acquaviva on Definitive Records

Artist : Olivier Giacomotto & John Acquaviva ft. Thomas Gandey
Title : Machine
Release : 25th January 2016
Label : Definitive Recordings
Genre : Techno

If ever a combination of artists names was going to make a old music fan like me a little moist, it was going to be these three. John Acquaviva was instrumental in the birth of the Canadian dance scene setting up Plus 8 Records with Richie Hawtin, Olivier Giacomotto has been a steady force in the Italian techno scene for a while now and Thomas Gandey or Cagedbaby as you may know him better has spent the best part of the last 10 years honing his skills.

The original track doesn’t disappoint either. Many times the mixing of egos can take away from the music, but here Gandey’s quirky David Bowie-esque vocals and solid progressive techno backing track work extremely well together. This is the sound that festivals and peak time events dream of. The level of sophistication here is incredible, everything is balanced perfectly, nothing sits up in the mix awkwardly and the whole track flows with effortless charm.

Clearly the choice of remixers for a big original track can enhance its credibility, or ruin the whole release. Definitive have opted for the safe hands of Lee Van Dowski who takes us down a dark and slower tribal path filled with synth flourishes and nuanced touches. And Kiko, hot froths excellent remix of Cristoph’s Foregone Conclusion who drops the tempo for a hypnotic techno workout.

Not bad for a label that’s been going since 1992! This is one I’ll be keeping in my hard drive for quite some time this year, absolutely stunning EP. You should definitely invest in a copy!