Calling all DJs. Gibbon Records is offering the chance of a lifetime, to mix their forthcoming summer compilation

Every summer, Gibbon Records curate their mid-year compilation. There are no boundaries on style or genre, other than electronic music with emotion and feeling.

The label has decided that for this year’s summer compilation, they’re throwing open the chance for you DJs out there to be able to create the exclusive mix of the tracks that’ll be included with the full release, not just on Soundcloud or our website but in stores and all promo too!

If you would like to get in on this opportunity then all you have to do is wow them Gibbons with your skills on the decks by posting an exclusive mix (that means specially for this only, they will find out!) to the Soundcloud group created just for that. They’ll be picking a winner in a couple of weeks based on creative skill and mixing ability, track selection and so on. Not by number of plays, likes or followers. Although the ability to promote yourself well does help of course, so feel free to share the hell out of things! Check out their Soundcloud (link below) to get an ear for the output of the label too and who you could be potentially mixing a compilation for too!

Good luck, and let’s hear what you guys can do! Be sure to invite all your DJ mates to the event and get them in on it too, the more we help and support each other – the better life can be! The deadline for sets to be submitted is June 5th, and the winner(s) will be notified within one week of that date.

For full details visit the Facebook event here or email here. Submit your entries to this Soundcloud group.

About Gibbon Records

Launched in October 2014 this is music of bearded weirdos, oddballs and shadow lurkers; of string pullers and behind the scenes manipulators. It’s the music of sinister puppeteers, magicians and midnight prancers. Gibbon Records brings you the close warmth of house music, the distant callings of nature and the dastardly techno of your emotions.