Gibbon records label head Benwaa releases “Void” for a free download

Label head at Gibbon Records, DJ/producer Benwaa has also released music on Last Days, Shiva, 1,5,9,13 Music and IDMf Netlabel. “I do music, music does me. We like each other and hold hands together on the moon.” He says. His description of Gibbon records output is equally poetic.

This is the music of bearded weirdos, of oddballs and shadow lurkers, of string pullers and behind the scenes manipulators… it’s the music of sinister puppeteers, magicians, and midnight prancers… Gibbon Records brings you the close warmth of house music, the distant callings of nature and the dastardly techno of your emotions.

“For those of you who are with void. Because when you heal the hurts and fill the voids with your own love, light and self, you become whole again. When you’re whole, you feel a sense of joy and fulfillment that no outside person or thing can replicate. These outside circumstances will simply heighten the feelings you’re already experiencing.” – Ben Waa