GIGEE releases her ‘Berlin’ EP on Mobilee

After the success of GIGEE’s ‘Lullaby’ EP, Mobilee welcome her back for the release of her incredible 3 track EP, ‘Berlin’. GIGEE really is an artist that brings a great level of love and humility to a scene that often needs more of both.

The title track, ‘Berlin’ is used to tell the tale, in GIGEE’s words, “of historic walls, that whilst concrete and grey, exude so much warmth. Those driving beats and transcendental moments join that, tongue in cheek fun, that a long night into the day brings.”

Next up, ‘Grindeveld’ takes the listener on a lighter, but no less monumental journey, complete with those savage stomping beats. Completing the EP, ‘Azurblau’ brings a deep groove alongside wild peaking synths.

GIGEE strives to tell a story of personal freedom, no matter where you are from and no matter what your story. We are united together in dance!

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