In partnership with promoters all over the U.S., Give a Beat is raising awareness and funds for its programs by engaging the dance music community and giving youth a voice

Give a Beat, a nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging the dance music community with youth and families impacted by mass incarceration, is collaborating with promoters across the United States to honor the United Nation’s declared International Youth Day with a series of dance music events spanning from North Carolina to San Diego during the weekend of August 12th – 14th. In addition to raising funds for Give a Beat’s innovative programs, a major education initiative will be implemented so that attendees can learn about the myriad ways in which the mass incarceration epidemic is negatively affecting youth, and how to get involved and push for positive change. For more detailed information on events and the issues, please go to their Facebook Event page.

Events include:

● ANCHOR EVENT: Tropical Boat Party, Long Beach, CA, 8/12 with Doc Martin, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Wally Callerio, Mark E. Quark, and Ben Annand

● Afro Acid & WildPitch Music Hall, Atlanta, GA 8/12 with Mr. V, and 8/13 with Chus & Ceballos

● Deeper Roots, Seattle, WA, 8/12 with Tait Collins, Shaun Whitcher, Brian Lyons, Karl Kamakahi, Eric Allen and Ramiro

● Bassment, Charlotte, NC, 8/13 with Atnarko Bear & DJ Matt Black

● Keep it Deep, Miami, FL, 8/13 with DJ Ben Del Sol and DJ Christina Calamia

● TV Lounge 9 Year Anniversary Party, Detroit, MI, 8/13 with Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Shady P, Bruce Bailey, Remote Viewing Party, Jeremy Kypta, Mister Joshooa

● Dancegruv, Raleigh, NC, 8/14 with Alvin Shavers, Dance from Above, Briddy, Slodrive, Twilight, and Slipstream

● Souleil, San Diego, CA, 8/14 with Marques Wyatt, DJ Ala, Cris Herrera, Mikeytown, and more TBC

In addition to these events, program partner, Girls Rock Detroit, will be participating in an activity for International Youth Day on the last day of their summer camp on August 12th.

Background on the Issues:
The deleterious effects of mass incarceration are particularly difficult for American youth in marginalized communities. Currently, 2.7 million children (minors under 18) in the United States have an incarcerated parent. In addition, the United States incarcerates juveniles at a much higher rate than other nations and spends $6 billion per year on juvenile corrections. On any given day, there are over 70,000 juveniles in custody in the US. Furthermore, the U.S. is the only industrialized nation that puts minors into solitary confinement, sends juveniles to adult prisons, and imposes life sentences without parole. And, perhaps most disturbing, 1 in 3 African American youth will be in prison during their lifetime.

Background on Give a Beat:
Founded in 2014, Give a Beat works to harness the power of the dance music community towards actionable solutions that address the issues of youth and families impacted by incarceration. We are a community of music lovers, musicians, artists, activists, promoters and entrepreneurs who create tangible opportunities for impact in vulnerable communities around the United States. Music is our inspiration, mode of communication, and conduit for change.

In addition to our new initiative that seeks to start an entrepreneur mentorship program, Give a Beat has other programs that use the power of music to heal from trauma caused by the impact of mass incarceration on at-risk communities. For the past year, Give a Beat has held numerous DJ workshops for youth in collaboration with several organizations including A Place Called Home, Boys and Girls Club, and Girls Rock Detroit and is working on expanding this successful program across the United States. Give a Beat has also been diligently working on forming broad coalitions with various nonprofit organizations that are pushing for criminal justice reform.

Lastly, Give a Beat has been actively engaged in educating the dance music community on the issues of mass incarceration by publishing interviews, blog and social media posts, and putting together events and panels in an effort to broaden the dialogue and get more people engaged and active on the issue.

Background on International Youth Day:
August 12th is the UN declared International Youth Day. On this date each year, the UN recognizes efforts of the world’s youth in enhancing global society and also promotes ways to engage youth to get more involved in making positive contributions to their communities. Give a Beat, in partnership with promoters, is hoping to raise awareness about how youth are being negatively affected by the mass incarceration crisis and raise funds toward our programs that offer positive alternatives to the school to prison pipeline.

International Youth Day Promotional Partners include: Daily Karma, DJ Times, Fusicology, Subpac, DanceGruv Radio, Green Galactic, Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), Culture Vulture, and Universal Rhythm.

About dailyKARMA: It is a new mobile app that works to support charities. dailyKARMA is used to check out photos and videos posted by nonprofits and their supporters, and microdonate in one tap. For International Youth Day, dailyKARMA will provide a matching grant of up to $5,000 for every dollar raised through the app.

To contact Give a Beat, learn more, or get involved, please contact Daniela Meltzer, Give a Beat,, 213.309.7667.

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