Global Underground present the seventh release in their Electric Calm series

Artist: Various
Title: Electric Calm Volume 7
Label: Global Underground
Release date: 19th May 2017 – Pre-order available
Genre: Chill / Breaks / Downtempo

Global Underground is a label that you instantly associate with quality and I always know that when a promo from these guys lands in my inbox I am going to enjoy every last minute…

First up on this blissed out chillout mix is Just Her with the track ‘Follow You Down (Yost Beatless Mix)’ which is a beautifully crafted atmospheric number that instantly makes you feel like you are sat on a beach somewhere staring at the blue sky and listening to the birds chat in their various high-pitched twitters. A stunning opener on this mix and would be a graceful opener on any compilation. As the opening track slides away, the ethereal like keys if Trafik’s ‘Atlas’ grace your ears and transport you to a place of beautiful tension. An instant contrast from the opening track and a track that proves that Trafik is a duo that has skill for creating tracks crammed with emotion and warmth.

I always like to see a Dale Middleton track on a compilation, as I have seen him go from strength to strength as a DJ and producer. His track ‘Disappearing Act (Antika Remix)’ is the third track on the release and what a beauty it is! It blends beautifully with the Trafik track and the breaks are certainly a nice addition to the mix as it slowly progresses. The pads are sumptuous and the deep progressive vibe hits you in the heart like a dagger. A stunning remix of a sublime original track by Dale. It isn’t too long before we hear the beautiful twinkles of ‘Wishing Well’ by FOTN. A track that would certainly not be a miss on a Sasha mix or compilation and one that is certainly a highlight on this stunning mix.

Track five on the mix is ‘Anima Mundi’ by The Last Atlant and sound almost like a break in a progressive track which is no bad thing at all. Some affected vocal snippets keep the stunning raw beauty of this track interesting and it certainly warms the heart. As the track completed we get the hi-hats of ‘Ańii – Rusty (Slow Rusty Ride)’ which gives the mix a little pace and moves away from blissed beatless tracks for a few minutes. The low end of ‘Squire – Philanthropy (Stephan Barnem’s Endless Remix) [Rogue Edit]’ is simply divine and would also make a great set opener (as many of these tracks would). Delightful twinkles of melody and stunning stretched keys fill the track with wonderment. From what I can make out (due to the incredible mixing) Trafik overlays ‘Owl’ by Rogue Audio over the previous track to monstrous effect. It sounds sublime and is a huge nod to Trafik’s talent as a DJ and an artist.

Many of you will be familiar with ‘Roland Klinkenberg feat. DJ Remy – Mexico Can Wait’ but the Pico remix is a stunning rendition of a great original. Well crafted breaks and a wonderful plinky plonky melody that creates a feeling of ease and enlightenment. You cannot help but love this treasure of a track! ‘Dust City’ by Solarc follows on effortlessly and keeps that beautiful progressive like vibe. FOTN make their second appearance on the compilation with a remix of their own track ‘Celeste’. With productions like this and ‘Wishing Well’ it is easy to see why they feature twice on this mix. This is a stunning Spanish string led track that would sound perfect on the Ibizan shores whilst kicking back and sipping on a Mojito! The track builds a wonderful tension before all subsides and melts into ‘Jesmond Alison’ by Antika and we get hit by some more blissful downtempo breaks. Great track and perfectly placed again by the man behind the mixing desk. Track thirteen is ‘Lonely Keys’ by Foreign Moves and sees a move towards a slightly trancey sound to lighten the mood slightly. Delightful synth lead number with those warm air like swishes that flow over it!

Track fourteen sees Trafik hit us again with their stunning production skills this time in the form of the track ‘Alloy’. When you hear the kick from the breaks it certainly makes you sit up and pay attention! The track starts off with that Trafik deep, thoughtful beauty before the broken beats carry you far away. An epic track in every way!!! Now Jay Lumen is not a person I would associate with blissed out chilled beats but The Last Atlant rendition of his track, ‘In Love’ is certainly a delight on this compilation. Love it! The final track on the compilation is a man who I have respected for some time now, Jaap Ligthart. He is well known for making the odd cheeky remix available of well known progressive tracks, and this rework of his own track ‘Lost In Love’ is a perfect example of Jaap’s superb skills in the studio and a perfect way to complete this delightful compilation.

01. Just Her – Follow You Down (Yost Beatless Mix)
02. Trafik – Atlas (Part 1)
03. Dale Middleton – Disappearing Act (Antika Remix)
04. FOTN – Wishing Well
05. The Last Atlant – Anima Mundi
06. Ańii – Rusty (Slow Rusty Ride)
07. Squire – Philanthropy (Stephan Barnem’s Endless Remix) [Rogue Edit]
08. Rogue Audio – Owl
09. Roland Klinkenberg feat. DJ Remy – Mexico Can Wait (Francesco Pico’s 100 Beats Mix)
10. Solarc – Dust City (Summer Solstice Mix)
11. FOTN – Celeste (FOTN’s Desert Dreams Version)
12. Antika – Jesmond Alison
13. Foreign Movies – Lonely Keys (FM Reprise Mix)
14. Trafik – Alloy
15. Jay Lumen – In Love (The Last Atlant ‘Infatuation Never Lasts’ Mix)
16. Jaap Ligthart and Alice Rose – Lost In Love (Jaap Ligthart’s Love Mix)

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!