Hungarian duo The Gomb release their debut LP with a free Kontakt instrument used in the making of the album

Almost six years in the making, the first album from veteran songwriter Ambrus Tövisházi (aka Erik Sumo) and Kristóf D. Hajós, singer and lyricist of “The Unbending Trees” dives deep into melancholy with dusty piano ballads, unsolicited noises and old, malfunctioning synthesisers. The duos long-due follow up on their “Superman EP” became an album with a powerful personal touch – one that truly lets you into The Gomb‘s remarkable inner world.

In addition to the album, the duo are also releasing a free Kontakt instrument called The Gombulator. Based on a rare portable Yamaha synth from the 80s – the Yamaha PSR-15 – it has six preset sounds and a set of drum sounds, all of which were meticulously sampled when creating the instrument. You can download it from here for free.


01// You are the Gladiatrix
02// Waterlily
03// Zoo
04// Mental Yoga
05// Move Along
06// Spoiler
07// Attraction
08// No One Has Ever
09// Amends
10// Your Monster