Graumann provides pulsing melodic delights with his latest offering on Grau Recordings

Artist: Graumann
Title: Muntjac
Label: Grau Recordings
Released: Out Now!
Cat No: GR002
Genre: Deep House/Techno

Istanbul resident Graumann offers up a fetching three tracker titled, ‘Muntjac’ on his very own imprint Grau Recordings to end the year on a sparkling note.

Graumann manages to serve up a highlight with the title track, bewitching the listener with its backdrop of lovely rolling grooves and a penchant for Deep House, discharging fair amount of murky hyper-kinetic atmosphere. In parts restrained, in parts fuming, the track is a gem one can get lost in. This is an example of mechanised maelstrom of feelings conjured up against albeit a detached dance number, largely due to the mellifluous content jostling with a come hither bass line that peeks around appearing and disappearing nicely so.

Next in the pack, ‘Linn’ is a nice dance cut, attractively arranged for maximum design. It’s bright face and skippy beats burst out through the speakers, alongside smothering bass, which percolates around a relentless rhythm. It has some sort of awkwardness in the middle but just as satisfying as it’s undulating groove is manipulative at best.

Finishing up Graumann keeps a radio edit of ‘Muntjac’ that creeps up on your senses, with evident enhancements and fatter body, growling much more than the previous version that keeps true to dubby Techno. There’s loads of pulsing melodic goodness and biggish interiors, but then its sluggish BPM might mean that most DJs will shy away from playing this on all but the deepest of dance floors, but to my ears the exultant track is firmly in the peak time camp, and it would be a crime not to expose as many people as humanly possible to it. Well done.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.